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  • ChetGillespie ChetGillespie Mar 12, 1999 12:36 AM Flag

    I'm such a putz.

    I bought INKT at 53 in my tiny little account
    recognizing that it was relatively inexpensive and planning
    on just hanging onto the stock for years to come.

    Since then, in another account I've managed to use 95%
    of my funds to try and make money on CMGI going up
    and CMGI going down. Easier said than done. What a
    piece of work--I got my arse kicked both ways on CMGI.

    Meanwhile, back in the tiny little account, INKT is just
    chugging away, now up almost 50% in that short period of
    time. Imagine that, the way of the conservative warrior
    wins again.

    For the love of God, someone
    please punch me in the face and knock me unconscious if
    I EVER chase a stock again. I'm happy, I'm
    miserable, I'm happy, I'm miserable...

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    • Hindsight is 20-20. How the hell could you have
      forseen what would happen? You might have been holding
      CMGI when it popped up 40 pts like I was when I
      accidentily had EXCITE the weekend the ATHM merger was
      announced and it popped 38 points at the open.
      I'd love
      to punch you in the face and knock you unconscious,
      but we need you to help make this a market. All that
      matters is you make more right guesses than wrong ones.
      That's all anyone can do, oh yes and buy LOTS & LOTS of