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  • tekelet tekelet Jul 31, 1999 8:11 AM Flag

    branstockker that isnt an opinion it is

    a fantasy. shorted at close huh? i bought. we see who makes money next week on this puppy. i am a seller at 116---on tues or wed. that is what makes horses race.


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    • It's summertime in the stock market, and the
      living is queasy. Doldrums and dog days, terms from the
      nautical and astronomical realm, conjure in most minds an
      image of late summer as a languid and uneventful
      period. And why should investors be different when
      setting expectations about the market? A look at the
      recent historical record, though, reveals that August
      has proven itself to be a rather rollicking month for
      stock prices.

      Larry McMillan, the brains behind
      the McMillan Analysis options-strategy firm, recently
      canvassed the last couple of decades' worth of data for
      seasonal characteristics of the market and determined that
      August is, counterintuitively, quite volatile on

      He took the Dow Jones Industrial Average's level on
      August 1 of each year since 1981 and then noted its
      change during the ensuing month, sometimes extending
      into September if a pronounced move was still in
      force. The results showed that "the absolute distance of
      the average move was 8.7%," McMillan reports. Even if
      the largest two and slimmest two moves are excluded,
      the average remains 7.9%.

      That kind of
      volatility won't necessarily surprise anyone who traded
      through last August's crisis-addled market, when the Dow
      gave up almost 15%. But the fact that the late-summer
      jumpiness is so consistent is an eye-opener.

      there is no particular tendency for the market to rise
      or fall in August -- there were eight down months
      and 18 up months since 1981 -- McMillan figures the
      way to capture the summer choppiness is to buy
      straddles, which means owning both a call and put on a stock
      or index at similar strike levels. This trade stands
      to be profitable in any dramatic jump or dive in

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      • Was out with the boys last night. There are sales
        managers and two of them had some very juicy tidbits on
        mspg. First tidbit is mspg and Stupid PC have already
        inked a deal where mindspring will offer a free pc from
        Stupic PC for a 3 year contract with mindspring as your
        isp. It may also have a merger or buyout as part of
        the deal.

        Second big tidbit is Microsoft wants
        Mindspring to take over MSN in exchange for a share of
        Mindspring or a buyout. I can't confirm either rumor
        obviously but one of the guys has a brother who does a lot
        of business with Mindspring and says the Stupid PC
        deal is already complete and the MSN deal is still be

        Don't bank on either one though as you
        know how rumors go.