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  • internetJock internetJock Jul 31, 1999 11:53 AM Flag

    branstockker that isnt an opinion it is

    Was out with the boys last night. There are sales
    managers and two of them had some very juicy tidbits on
    mspg. First tidbit is mspg and Stupid PC have already
    inked a deal where mindspring will offer a free pc from
    Stupic PC for a 3 year contract with mindspring as your
    isp. It may also have a merger or buyout as part of
    the deal.

    Second big tidbit is Microsoft wants
    Mindspring to take over MSN in exchange for a share of
    Mindspring or a buyout. I can't confirm either rumor
    obviously but one of the guys has a brother who does a lot
    of business with Mindspring and says the Stupid PC
    deal is already complete and the MSN deal is still be

    Don't bank on either one though as you
    know how rumors go.