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  • JOS_2000 JOS_2000 Dec 8, 1999 10:12 AM Flag

    Dirty 12 - Advice?

    I've been in and out of this stock since it was
    an infant - have over 1000 shares and this run up
    has been nice but a bit scary. Spider, CT and others,
    what is the upside at this time, I mean a 65 point
    run-up in a month or so usually equates to considerable
    profit taking. Are you guys selling in anticipation of a
    sell off? How are you protecting this considerable
    profit at this time?

    Keep up the posts as I have
    been a solid reader of this board. THanks

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    • it's now down to 164, just brought more share.

      enjoy the ride !

    • ... right now. Many small investors do not want
      to sell yhoo if they have been holding for a few
      months or more. The tax consequences are too large. They
      will hold until January at least to avoid the tax
      burden. Then the January affect hits and they continue to
      hold creating an demand over supply situation causing
      an escalation in the price. This is what happened to
      AOL last year.

      So my guess is for the next
      few weeks, big moving stocks like YHOO, RHAT, AOL,
      even INKT will continue to do well while stocks that
      have struggled may get hit hard as investors try to
      get losses accumulated before the end of the year.

    • about CGMI noon time post.

      Assuming 1.
      you probably have ST gains 1999, & 2. want to keep
      the stock, 3..considering whether to take the
      writeoff this year,
      4. no question what I'd do.

      Rolled 20 Merck covereds up & out for almost 2 years
      quarterly before taking a 'gain'. That would have been a
      painful huge cap gain tax takeout for us if called
      prematurely. Somewhat akin to CT's 20 covered INKT sells @
      various strikes & timing.

      INKT isn't ready to
      retrench. No covereds...yet again. Just a beautiful long
      awaited 'nice ride'.

      Party time at the Cave.
      We're working on this location.

    • You are correct. That is a decision that I am
      facing with my CMGI's . I bought the stock at 76 1/2. I
      sold the Jan 110 calls for 11. Those calls are now
      going to cost me roughly 84 to cover that is a loss of
      $7300 per contract when I buy it back. The problem is
      do I want to cover before the new year and write
      that loss off against 1999 income or do I want to wait
      until Jan to buy back so I can offset the gain I will
      have from both the new calls I sell and the shares(if
      I end up selling then in 2000). I am not sure yet
      what I should do!

    • I didn't realize that when I "rolled" from the
      Dec 140's to the April 180's that the loss of buying
      back that option counted toward this year and that the
      gain of income from the April 180's applies to next
      year's taxes. I just bought back the Dec 160's for 18
      1/2 when the stock was at 173-4 and will wait to roll
      into Jan, hopefully getting a bounce that will help
      the cause.

    • No place you could borrow the money? Remember you
      only need the money in there for one day. Long enough
      to buy back then resell at a new strike price. I
      agree with ctowles, there should be some level of
      retracement on these high valuation stocks and you could make
      a lot more if you keep on selling those calls.
      Plus, if your shares get called and you have owned them
      for less than 6 months you will have to pay ST cap
      gains tax on them. Not a desireable thing. But if you
      can't get the loot then unfortunately you have no
      choice but to let them go.

      Good Luck!

    • What does the "H" in IMHO stand for? Thanks for the help.

    • You do have the right amount of underlying shares
      for each calls sold right? Then why would you be
      called to deliver those before expiration day? Am I
      missing something? Also elaborate further on your tax
      problem. I am not quite sure I understand. Are you saying
      that you made so much on investing that the taxes due
      will be more than your salary? If so then you must
      liquidate some positions to pay?

    • I think we still have some upside left, may be
      sell some part of u r position if u want to lock-in
      some profits.

      Me in 3 days back after split
      anouncement at 141

      We are not in over-brought zone yet

      Enjoy the ride.

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