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  • birdshooter_6 birdshooter_6 Apr 14, 2011 8:04 AM Flag


    Management implied to a lot of shareholders that shorts would run and cover when the interim data was out. As we can all see, that is definately not the case. Management has a duty, among others, to market the stock and support it, making sure the price is as reflective of fundamentals as possible - they are obviously not doing this. Moreover, the price must be supported over the short term, not just long term; in the end, the long term is just the sum of various "short terms".

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    • "together with an extended IR/PR effort we have initiated"

      Encouraging if properly executed...

    • Thanks for sharing, EtOHb2 - does that come with a pinup of Ayelet?

    • Over the last twelve months, your money would have been better off in the S&P 500. More telling than a 47 month graph.^GSPC

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      • Guys, there has been a lot of pain here for the last 12 months or so, but it should be taken in perspective.
        I reckon almost all of us longs are still up handsomely in this investment.
        Also, a bad year is not uncommon at all (especially when investing in biotech).
        I still believe the chances of Prolor moving to phase III are high and thus this company should be worth at least twice as much as it's worth right now in about a years time or less.
        admittedly that is a guess, but it is the most likely outcome.

        Anyways, in 2 moths time we would likely have top-line results and then each one of us could decide whether he thinks they are good enough.

        In the meantime, go read a good book people.
        Posting daily messages here about how disappointed you are won't make you or anyone else reading this MB feel any better, if anything the opposite.
        If you have to take out steam, you know the comapny's email. Ayelet can (and perhaps should) take it.

    • let us know when you plan on waking up...

    • I agree. Management has definately failed to create interest from big pocket buyers here. No one but shorts are paying attention to this stock. We're now basically flat from where we were one year ago.

    • "Shares of Biogen Idec Inc. soared Thursday after management revealed additional positive data for the company’s new multiple-sclerosis drug, BG-12, during a quarterly conference call with investors.

      Biogen /quotes/comstock/15*!biib/quotes/nls/biib BIIB +0.75% shares zoomed up 16% to $99.98, making it the best performer in the S&P 500 Index /quotes/comstock/21z!i1:in\x SPX +0.53% .

      Early Thursday, in conjunction with the release of the company’s first-quarter earnings report, Biogen management said that a late-stage study showed that BG-12 lowered the relapse rate for MS patients by 49% after two years of use. The annual relapse rate was cut by 53%. "


      Cant think of anything more exciting than whats going on at Prolor.

    • IMO that will only go so far and once you've used that technique each successive time will get you less results. I think you should talk infrequently but be large and in charge when you do. That's how you get respect to the point when you do announce a CC peoples' interest is really piqued and analysts take note. t

    • tiptopprinting Apr 18, 2011 6:29 PM Flag

      I agree with Carp,

      Management need to do something to make sure the shorts go away

      They need to be scared a little so they will leave us alone

      I will be glad to see the shorts covering and running for cover soon...

    • There's no call for panic, just the usual volatilities around tax time and May go-a-ways. Look at it as a opportunity if you have the resources, but I don't see reason to cry wolf here and expect the company to change its focus. Prolor is not a trading stock (see INO for that), trial successes, NDAs and approvals are coming in a while.

    • Definately broken, and management is apparently not doing much.

      WAKE UP, it's your money also. What does it take to make you realize that you need to take care fo your stock and the markets aren't perfect or reflect the value of the companies fundaments?

      Maybe its time to have an investor update call, get yourselves heard rather than us investors learning about things via this message board.

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