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  • moskowitzram moskowitzram Apr 15, 2011 2:42 PM Flag

    Up coming road shaw

    Guys ,
    Don’t be over dramatic. Calling this stock a “broken stock “ it is a joke….
    Last week of April will bring a lot of action. There is a road show scheduled in the US and it is expected to bring a lot of attention to this stock and probably some big institutions in.
    Meanwhile, let the shorts enjoy the moment …It will be fun to see them squeezing as soon as the volume picks up.
    Next week is a short trading week in Israel (due to passover) so I will not be surprised to see a much higher volume in Amex.

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    • Gee, isn't that something we would all like to know maybe? Can you point me to the announcement of this? I am guessing like everything else here, only a select few know.

      Regardless, they need to add Europe to that too. If they are going to do a road show they should get their money worth and Europe is on the way anyway. They are international and the US is not the only place to get money.