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  • kinsp45 kinsp45 Jul 5, 2012 10:57 AM Flag

    2nd Half of the Year

    The trials are looking pretty good plus reaching Phase III by year end. Can we expect to see $7+ by December?

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    • My biggest concern is stated in the wikipedia article on HGH.

      "A sustained-release form of growth hormone, Nutropin Depot (Genentech and Alkermes) was approved by the FDA in 1999, allowing for fewer injections (every 2 or 4 weeks instead of daily); however, the product was discontinued by Genentech/Alkermes in 2004 for financial reasons (Nutropin Depot required significantly more resources to produce than the rest of the Nutropin line"

      If it is true that the injections can be spread out more, but the cost is exponentially higher, then PBTH hgh won't go anywhere. Does anyone have any clue on the cost by any chance?

    • It really feels like something big is going to happen with this stock. Phase Three Announcement coming soon and all the positive press lately. What are the chances a big pharma company is really considering buying this company. TEVA, Pfizer, etc

      Can we see $8 to $10 or higher by the end of the year?

    • It appears the future looks very bright for PBTH. This stock continues to show signs of strength with an outlook of $10.

    • In December of 2010, this stock was in the mid sevens on strong volume. Since then the company has put out nothing but good news confirming expectations and we have watched the stock plummet to as low as three bucks last year and the volume basically dry up. Now we are stuck 30%+ below that point and management has chosen to sit on the sidelines and watch. They do the same things over and over and yet can't understand why they get the same (zero) results.

      I would be surprised if this thing moves at all until phase III results are announced because from what I see, the company simply isn't going to do anything in the interim to try to change the trajectory.

    • arna jumped from 2.5 to over 13 everything is possible right now thre is no hype