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  • birdshooter_6 birdshooter_6 Jul 18, 2012 2:32 PM Flag

    My opinion

    Stock down = Poor Management

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    • good action on TASE today...

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      • Nice to see some people are still here anyway. Did either of you watch the interview? Any thoughts? While it was definitely not what I had hoped to hear, it did confirm (for me anyway) what I thought from the beginning - There is likely no deal until the completion of Phase III on hGH and honestly, now even then I don't know.

        My opinion is (as it has been) that these guys are looking for the "Golden Goose" on every single indication and based on what has happened here so far, I don't see an "inflection" point as Shai likes to call it anywhere before then. No one is going to pay top dollar for a product still in development plain and simple. I think that has already been proved based on where we are today.

        As sad as this is, I am now paying attention for signs of another round of dilution. I really hope it doesn't come to that but with these guys lack of understanding/respect of/for capital markets, their inability to structure a deal and their unwillingness to change tactics, I once again am cautious. It is obviously a ways off yet but I am not hearing anything that tells me they are being realistic with respect to terms to get something done in the interim.