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  • mrkipper36 mrkipper36 Apr 24, 2013 7:33 AM Flag

    Class action lawsuit

    Anyone know a good class action lawfirm. This deal gives no premium to Prolar entering phase3 trials on its GH product let alone the rest of its portfolio. THIS IS SELF DEALING BY PHIL FROST WHO OWNS 19% OF PBTH AND MAJORITY OF OPKO HEALTH. By stealing PBTH at this price he now owns a larger percentage of PBTH and its potential billion dollar drugs. This is the most egregiuos abuse of corporate governance and looting of shareholders who have sat with this company for years waiting for commercialization of its breakthrough products. I wouldn't take less than $18. Even Oppenheimer's analyst Boris Peaker and Mathew Pommer in a research report dated April 10 2013 state the minum value of PBTH based only on its GH product is $7. VOTE NO on this deal. Don't let Frost earn another billion raping us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • We own 2% of PBTH and will vote no on this deal. Shame on PBTH management. They know this company is worth at least $12 a share. Maybe that is why they did not wait until the beginning of phase lll on the GH product. We should do something about this. They are just stealing this company from us.

    • I agree there has to be legal consequences here. Frost artificially inflates OPKO by buying up the shares and then uses it as fake/inflated currency to buy a company he owns 20% of for peanuts. He basically just gave himself a huge portion of Prolor for free at our expense in this transaction because OPKO is worthless in my opinion. I will definitely vote no on this deal.

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