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  • burnaka Apr 24, 2013 9:24 AM Flag

    congrats, 7.00 for this company is a great deal this stock hasn't sniffed 7.00 for years.

    This is a 40% premium based on a 5.00 price on a company that was about to run out of money. Send Dr. Frost a thank you letter for protecting your investment and his. The good news is now the phase three products will have the trials done, and have a global distribution channel in place. Instead of pbth getting a premium for the FDA approval your new shares of opk will. You can whine about Frost if you want but he owned over 20% of pbth already so bringing a level 3 item to market here, or with opk both benefit him equally. I would bet the only ones truly whining were short, any long just received a gift, and will benefit greatly from a combined pbth deal. As an opk share holder I hate the deal because pbth has no income and was near BK, and OPK is going to now use it's cash Hoard to bring pbth research to market, but there is no guarantees are there. So This could be a major cash drain for well over a year, but if Dr. Frost thinks he can pull things together here, I am behind him,

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    • You know, you talk like you really believe/think you know what you are talking about even though this is all nonsense. Are you serious? Do you actually have any financial background at all?

      Frost owns 50% of OPK and only 20% of PBTH. The value of a stock is FUTURE earnings. So he takes his 20% ownership, massively discounts it and rolls it into his 50% owned bank 1 for 1 and picks up the difference as a freebee at our expense without spending a dime. I can do some math for you if the concept is too esoteric for you.

      Prolor has also been able to raise all the capital they have needed from the beginning of time and the last few have been without warrants. Your concept of running out of money and going bankrupt is ludicrous. Actually no, it is just ignorant. The right thing for them to do here if they are not getting a good value for the company is partner hGH and use the milestone payments/royalties to fund the other CTP indications. That of course is assuming you have the shareholders best interest in mind.

      Burnaka, it's clear to me you have an agenda. What I can't figure out is why unless you are trying to pick up scraps here for the vote. You work for Frost or something? That would be my speculation. You sure love tos sing his praises. Actually thinking about it you sound a lot like Shai. You wouldn't also use the handle Auto.Share by chance would you?

      If you are not going to post facts, I am going to call you on it every time. I don't like games and I don't like the people who play them whether it be management or random person posting garbage on a message board. I don't care if you are an OPK fan a Frost fan or anything else but stop with the lying and the games or better yet, take them back to the OPK board.

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    • Other than lawsuits it appears to be done deal unless there is dramatic turnaround. Only Steve Rubin had more than 3,000,000 votes withheld. I know its not the merger vote but I thought with all the negativity from PBTH shareholders I figured there would be more negative votes for management. I wonder what OPK will do with Novik and co. Will they get a seat on the board or remain in mgmt.?
      Really wouldn't want PBTH management, I agree with JJ they have really dragged their feet proceeding with development. Hope they don't run the R&D center in Israel once deal is done - then nothing will be developed.

    • bite me!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWO FOR ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • What in the world are you talking about? Prolor has $30MM in cash on the balance sheet.