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  • drangles2000 drangles2000 Apr 30, 2013 8:39 PM Flag

    As a shareholder

    Own both opk and pbth. Pbth better off with deal than without IMHO. Do the math


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    • tiptopprinting Apr 30, 2013 8:59 PM Flag

      What Math??? What are you talking about?

      OPK is inflated give it 3-4 months it will go back down to the $4's. Frost made all the moves so he can take over PBTH and pay with worthless OPK stock...

      PBTH management is incompetent and that's the reason we are here now... If they would have been more on top of things Phase III would have started by now and the price will be much higher.

      Back in june of 2010 we were over $8.00 with out any help from OPK... What did management do since then? Big fat NOTHING beside giving them self bonuses for screwing the shareholders!!!

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      • burnaka May 1, 2013 8:51 PM Flag


        Really. PBTH hasn't sniffed 8 in over 3 years but you considered it an investment??? So that is not managements fault, csco was 55 once too. PBTH was grossly over priced in 2010 is all, as csco at 55.

        OPKO made all those moves drooling at buying pbth??? REALLY. OPKO positioned themselves in 11 countries, has bought 5 patent libraries, finagled 3 phase three studies, created a diagnostics division, and a pharma division, managed break even earnings last quarter all because of a wanton desire for PBTH. What was I thinking? I thought OPK was developing an international marketing channel all these years, not realizing it was a covert PBTH master strategy. I guess OPK has no need of their near completed phase three studies or partners in Brasil, Africa, Chile, Mexico, Spain, Russia, Canada, etc. etc., England, Ireland, Scotland, ETC., Etc., I USED ETC., cause I usually forget a country or too, See Israel, etc.,

        Yes opko had a plan to build out a global channel for one phase 3----2014-2015 launch. Oh yah, and develop that one patent portfolio, PLEASE.

        It was PBTH all along, I am Floored.

      • What math? Pbth was $5 a few months ago. If opk goes away, pbth returns to less than$5 IMHO.
        Opk is not going to $4. If you are sure, you should short it. Good luck!


      • The better question there is why did they raise all that money for Phase III knowing they would do this? Had they not put all those additional shares on the books at $5.00 we would have gotten a lot more per share. Would love to have a shareholder list in that last deal. Well that one and actually even more so the private placement they did at like a 35% discount right before they uplisted to AMEX. That was so blatant I can't believe they were not raided by the SEC right there. Everything they have done here since they were OTC has been questionable if you ask me.

        Sentiment: Sell

    • Drangles,

      These guys are looking for a free ride. No use trying to reason with them. Simple math doesn't make sense in their feeble minds.

      If they really thought OPK was overvalued, they would accept the merger and then sell their shares to invest in another stock. WHAT INVESTER walks away from a 11% or more instant bump ona speculative biotech stock? Only #$%$...

      If PBTH were worth $10 everyone would be buying at these levels... but guess what? No one wants it. The market sets the price. The lawyers can't do #$%$ and won't get anywhere with this #$%$ that's been spewed.

    • Pbth is working out just fine for us shareholders
      As i staed before, do the math