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  • truth_is_the_mother_of_hatred truth_is_the_mother_of_hatred Dec 3, 2012 4:15 PM Flag


    We can feel it smell it and taste it.crdc's product is a damn fine working item. Approvals all over the place..isrg has a milli0n bucks invested in crdc..yet it's now b low a buck..sumpin smells

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    • From reading the 10-K, its well known that Cardica has only enough cash until at least March 31, and that is killing confidence. They need to raise cash.

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      • And with the price under a buck and going lower every day, how do they plain to raise that cash? Rob a bank?

        Nothing like having your backs to a wall when negotiating a financial deal. Maybe 100% dilution at 50 cents + toxic warrants? And the longer they wait, the heavier the dilution and lower the offering price will be. Most of those shares will probably be bought by insiders anyway IMO, and when they have a majority interest they can then go private if they want or just let the stock delist and go pink, so that way they aren't accountable to provide financials or even communicate with shareholders.

        Face it, you've all been duped.

    • No news to report, trial obviously in full swing, still it's quiet.

      Tax loss sellers getting out.

      MMs wanting to force a million share sell off so they can enjoy the ride up 1Q13.

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