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  • maphere maphere Aug 7, 2013 2:17 PM Flag

    CRDC Valuation

    I've seen biotech go up multiple pts. after PH2 data was positive.

    CRDC has easily demonstrated non-inferiority as well as opening up a new niche pediatric market for staplers.

    This has got to be the slowest response to good news like this that I've seen in the market. Whether CRDC takes the microcutter alone or is an easy buy-out for a competitor to start a new pediatric stapling line, both scenarios should easily take this stock up.

    As I said, once the market makes a move on this stock it will go up quick and no turning back to sub 2s. The potential future value should start getting priced in...maybe they want the FDA announcement first next week.

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    • Shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who has read my posts. I said many times that there would be virtually no market reaction to either then news of the enrollment/trial completion or the 510k submission. Maybe a minor one or two day bump and then slow bleed back down is about it. And that's exactly what we are seeing, and the same will hold true for the FDA response and even Japan or U.S. product launch (should they ever get that far).

      Why? Very simply, the market has a long memory, and they remember the over promsies from before regarding the c-port, the cutter line, etc, etc. This is a show-me stock now. End of story.

      Will the Xchange ever get enough market share? Will they ever get enough revenues to make a dent in their cash burn? Until they satisfy the market with respect to these questions (probably not to be answered until sometime in 2nd half of 2014 or later is my guess), don't expect any "potential future value" to be priced in here.

      All IMO.

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