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  • holdengold17 holdengold17 Oct 24, 2011 12:03 PM Flag

    How Low Will He Go?


    Back in 2008 our little over sized motorcycle jacket wearing caped crusader for social justice still had a smidgen of a conscience.Note his response to the beat down he took over they hypocrisy of ripping me over Wal-Mart while hyping Rio Tinto:

    Re: Quit Hiding Behind The Wal-Mart Boy 8-Oct-09 02:28 pm
    I do not own Rio Tinto AND SOLD IT WHEN i REALIZED ITS HUMAN RIGHTS RECORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Flash forward to today, and what is the little dummy and hypocrite saying?

    Rio what a buy!! 20-Oct-11 12:10 pm
    Big boys want this cheap!!!!!!! Sell your shares and weep!!!!!!!!! Don't buy and weep!!!!!!!! I am telling you this is cheap!!!!!!!!!!!
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    earnitt(aka despiteit1)

    Shameless and brainless as always!

    This topic is deleted.
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