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  • Hey, anyone with a waterhouse account, check on
    the ipo field
    area. I just went to check that area
    and found out that my account has been restricted.
    What in the world does that mean. Any information
    appreciated... thanks

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    • >>Anyone who is pissed about the mangled
      way this IPO was handled should talk to their branch
      manager rather than calling the 800 #. I'm sure they'll
      do something for you.>>

      But now you
      will find the local office overwhelmed by having to
      "deal" with Elec. Customer's issues from lack of 800
      number satisfaction. So you are seeing the local office
      washing their hands a bit of the guy that no longer
      trades thru them.

      It is totally human for them
      to react this way....but it is a failing of the
      local office+electronic business model. If they are
      going to "seem" as "one and the same" then the Rev
      rewards oaught not to have boundaries so the local office
      feels some responsibility to you. As it stands if you
      aren't showing a contribution to that offices'
      commission income then it seems they don't want to have to
      "front" Electronic's problems and headaches.

      they fix this and make it ONE company again.

    • I was angry at Waterhouse when I started with
      them in '97 to the point where I wanted to close my
      fairly substantial account. I talked (yelled is more
      truthful) to the branch manager and she gave me free trade
      that negated the loss they caused by screwing up one
      of my orders.

      I'm glad she did that.
      Overall, I enjoy Waterhouse the best of all the online
      brokers. They have the best package of price, executions
      and little things like checking and three days for
      settlement (believe it or not, some of these guys require
      CASH in the account in order to execute a trade, or
      make you use your margin account.)

      Anyone who
      is pissed about the mangled way this IPO was handled
      should talk to their branch manager rather than calling
      the 800 #. I'm sure they'll do something for you.

    • Correct me if I'm wrong but when you calculate
      market cap of Waterhouse it does not just include the
      12% which is the present amount as of this morning
      that they are spinning off but includes the entire
      100% of the company which makes it's market cap much
      higher than the other OLB's. Am I mistaken or is that
      included in your 9 billion market cap estimate.


    • But what a questionable process!

    • You are a Stockguru ? Of course you are, and I'am
      DONALD TRUMP ! If you were allocated 1000 shares @
      $24.00 You will owe $24000.00 plus commisions and fees.
      I have a question. How were you able to order 2500
      shares ? I was limited to 1000 shares for each account
      that met the required criteria and received 300, and
      400 respectively. Good Day.

    • If you flip, make sure you NEVER want another IPO
      again. All discount brokers black ball you for flipping.
      TWE will not even be close to the best IPO of the
      year (won't even be in the top 20) given its' LARGE
      opening market cap. So, you better preserve the IPO
      priveledge for a better IPO latter.

      PS. Got shares in
      three accounts from 2 brokers (one of which was

    • Here are the market caps
      EGRP 9.2B
      AMTD 5.1B

      At IPO price ($24/sh) TWE is at 9B
      market cap.

      TWE is ranked second/third in trade
      volume and charges lowest on their limit orders (only
      $12) and offers better rate on money market and margin

      My prediction 15-15B market cap is ok at open
      ~ 50% premium at open.

      I propbably wont
      flip... good holding for medium term

    • your allocated shares yet?

    • I'm sticking with Waterhouse even though I got
      shut out of the IPO. I got a kick out of the fact that
      you were going to take your account somewhere else
      until you found out you actually got some shares. You
      think we care if you stay or go? Grow up.

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