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  • feloniousmunck feloniousmunck Apr 23, 2004 2:49 PM Flag

    Article was REMOVED from Time's site

    article: The Case of the Disappearing Article

    The Library Journal has recently published an interesting article about the essay by Bush Sr. and Scowcroft that was pulled from Time magazine's website. I posted a page about the essay, Reasons Not to Invade Iraq, by George Bush Sr., in Sept 2002, then updated it the following April once I realized that it had been deleted.

    Librarian Tony Greiner contacted all parties involved to see why this politically inconvenient essay was taken offline.

    Finally, I got through to someone at TIME who told me that the authors had asked for the article to be removed. Although disappointing, that wasn't surprising�the article was pretty darn embarrassing to the current President. The next day, our telephone rang. My wife glanced at the caller ID and said, "I think you'd better take this." The caller was listed as "Bush, George." Well, it wasn't the former president, but it was his chief-of-staff, Jean Becker. She had read my letter and asked her boss about it. He said he did not ask TIME to remove the piece and in fact didn't even remember it being excerpted in the magazine. Curious himself, he had called Scowcroft, who also denied asking for the article's removal.

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    • I'm not surprised that you think that what I wrote was anti-Jewish. You're one of the stupidest posters I have ever encountered.

      I'll never forget your cries of "Satin's" influence!

      Moonies never were very smart.

    • Yes, let's run the world according to the Old Testament.

      I wish some of out politicians would really admit that this is what they wish to do.

      I'm sure most everyone we know would have to be stoned to death. You know the drill.

      I look forward to seeing your original copy.

    • Yes, NYC is the world's biggest Jewish city and LA is the world's biggest Israeli city. I live in Manhattan in an old Jewish neighborhood reknowned for its intellectual and cultural history.

      Be well, FM

    • These should help get you started:

      As we say here in the world's greatest Jewish city, a marvel of civilization that will outlast Bush & Likud, Enjoy!

    • when you refer to the world's greatest "jewish city"....I take that to imply..

      New York City ??? do tell....

    • I did neglect to mention that, by your Dennis Miller standard of ethnic existence, Jews didn't exist before 1949 because they didn't have a nation.

    • I live in the world's greatest Jewish city, and I live here in large part because of that.

      Anyone who wants to find the fascist roots (I do not exaggerate) in the Likud Party should do a search for Jabotinski - he was a Polish Zionist who saw in Hitler a solution that would force Jews to leave Europe for Palestine. He was the grandfather of the Stern Gang, whose Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir were terrorists who blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, killing scores of British officers, and who also assassinated Count Bernadotte, a Swedish UN envoy who had tried to save Jews from the Holocaust.

      Likud is a fascist organization that dominates the foreign policy of both major US parties, now that Kerry has endorsed Bush's submission to Sharon's genocidal policies.

      Hint: Does anyone in Lidud give a rat's butt that North Korea has 9 nukes?

      Was the Middle East more peaceful before Israeli revanchists murdered PM Yitzhak Rabin?

    • He is virtually illiterate. I first noticed him when he was denouncing posts by someone else here as the work of "Satin."

    • Sharon is OUR president now. We all work for Likud.

    • Yeah, there are no Kurds, either. Or Montagnards. Or Hmong. No one exists unless they have a country. Where'd all those Irish people come from? Or Greeks? Or Slovenians? Or Poles? Etc.

      Miller's talk is a prescription for the genocide tht is taking place in the Occupied Territories.

      I'm sure it delights you, moron.

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