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  • bobmiamidepot bobmiamidepot Apr 12, 2006 12:05 PM Flag

    too much buying here today

    don't understand the change in sentiment from the prior 12 days of action here.

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    • Thank you

      I also appreciate your post and most of the posts that are not written in unjustified anger.

      Lets rock on.

    • Ben-

      Every one of your posts are read and appreciated, even if they go unquoted/replied.

    • I agree.

    • Ben , You get the MOST respect on this board bar none. I personally thank you for ALL your posts and research. I have posted about my gut feeling three times about a new contract...and all 3 times it happened. I got no response ....but I wasn't expecting any. yet the short animals get all kinds of responses....I personally do not feed the animals...go figure on their reaction tho.

    • Hey Ben,

      Just wanted to reply and let you know I've appreciated your knowledge here -- keep posting.

      I don't visit this board as often because it does get cluttered up with personal attacks, unfounded claims, etc. I need to add a bunch of people to ignore and that should help.

      Thanks, also, to the others who have some pretty intelligent posts here.

    • Ben,
      Although I dont reply to many of your posts, I must insist the all your post are appreciated by me and I think the vast majority. I dont post, because I'm new to the stock investing game and my knowledge and experience is minimal. Every now and then I post a question, which so far have been replied to.
      Anyway, I just wanted to say that altho I may not reply to your posts I appreciate them very much. I would also appreciate if youcould add me to your email list, I hope I qualify :)

      Thanks anyway.

      Your friendly Irish investor....

    • I agree. I don't post nearly as much as I could, because there is so much ridiculous banter on the board.

      Example: The day before that port order last month I posted three posts about the potential for ASEI globally with their Shaped Energy/Backscatter solution and the history of their dominance in this area. Not one person commented. Not one person recommended it. It was completely ignored. The post contained some valueable info for the someone trying to gauge the size and maginitude of what was out there in potential for ASEI. 100 post later about nothing...and we got the $45 million order. I don't need my ego stroked....but to ignore some important info and discuss absolutely nothing is annoying for anyone spending the time to post and read these boards.
      Sure, there are a lot of bozo's on this board, but when posters that tend to post decent info start fighting with them--growthstocks today--it annoys a lot of us. Its obvious to most of us that the poster fighting with at least a few--dubya_II is not as knowledgeable as he'd like to think.

      Thanks for trying to police the board, kedubob. Ben

    • Indeed. People also forget that this stuff gets archived pretty much indefinitely.

      Shorts are part of the game too and without them it would be hard to get in at a good price.

      I am long in my small way, but $75 before May would be a godsend entrypoint. Tough to see us getting that low, but I would put everything I have in there at that point.

      Shorts certainly give longs the feats when the stocks trends down but that should only bother those who are ready to sell and move on, they would have to wait.

      I like it when I see a higher short interest in ASEI, it is like gas in the tank for the stock.

      I will step aside now.

      Thank you.

    • kedubob, I like the way you think and write, open minded is the way, imo.

      One of the things I react (under control) to is hearing/reading bs. Sometimes, in addition to my pearls of wisdom, I provide a little berating those who deserve it, for fun as much as anything.

      A small disagreement with you here, about knowing (how to tell) what is VERY likely to happen with a stock's price. Example: ASEI is on the verge of a (small) pull-back, perhaps today. Tomorrow? I'll post it here, as it happens.

      It will only be temporary. The near destination is the nineties.

    • It's called a dead cat bounce. It's normal. Even if it is going lower. I don't think its going to be less than 85 at the end of the month.

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