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  • yahoo yahoo Jul 18, 2006 5:53 AM Flag

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    • Remember this post itsa?

      "Refer to my posts 2 weeks ago pointing out the huge amount of $65 calls versus the puts. You folks need to pay closer attention :)

      ASEI lost its 50 dma today (expected) at $64.95. Now, that becomes MAJOR RESISTANCE. Da boyz are in complete control ;)

      'Twaz in the charts all along for those who were open minded enough to listen...hope some of you are learning something from this.

      THE MARKET MAKERS EDGE by JOSH LUKEMAN. Do yourselves a big it...understand how the game is played.

      $60.00 first stop...$55 after that. If your looking to get long, all you have to do is have a little patience. Yes, it's truly that simple if you take the blinders off.

      ASEI has a nearly "zero" chance at heading higher until $60 and $55 are hit. ANyone trying to buy before then is a fool. If you think "big order can hit any day, causing this stock to rocket up" have much to learn. You see, the boyz know short term...they have clear vision short term.

      Don't be a puppy fighting a grizzly. Charts could not be any clearer here. Re-initiated another short at $64.56 after my other plays wouldn't open up this morning. ASEI offers best risk/reward for the next couple of weeks.

      This is what trading is all about, kids."

      Oh No!!!!!!! Re-initiated short at $64.56! Your bung-hole must be bleeding!!!!! Anyway, thanks for the "lessons," they were worth what we paid for them. LMAO.

    • "Why did you DISPUTE me when I said smart money was shorting above $73?"

      Because according to you, the "smart money," has been shorting since $61. Don't try and pretend you started at $73 with the "smart money," B.S.

      "Then why did you fail to point that out last week?"

      To what end? Wasn't it you who posted that not every trade need be disclosed? I have posted quite clearly that I have trading shares.....translation (I'll type slowly for you), I buy and sell when I feel the time is right.

      Now, since I have addressed your questions, I'm still waiting on an answer concerning your $32,000 profit on 4400 shares shorted, "at an average of $69.22." Me thinks your are blowing smoke up your skirt.....LMAO

    • So you think that its as easy as finding the 200 DMA and "making the call?" You sound a bit testy......could it be you don't like being held to account for your posts? Here's an easy rule for you...."Never ever post actual numbers which may make you look foolish!" I always love the, "Well I didn't tell you everything I was trading," line. Keep it up itsa, I'm still waiting for you to cover at the absolute bottom. I know, I know, $55 you will have $XX million LONG. I'm also waiting for the "I have so much money that I could buy the company (ASEI) and everyone on this board 20 times over." Come on itsa, it's the can post ANYTHING. ROFLMAO.

    • Actually, itsa, I do use stochastic indicators for my trading stock. The stochastics have peaked every time the stock does. that's how I have built my position over the years. My core position has grown steadily from these profits. There are many ways to make money in the market, my boy. The trading action was clear when it didn't break through and close above $73.00. But make no mistake, ASEI is like a ball being pushed under water, easy at first, but becomes more difficult the farther down you go. So what determines the amount of "force," up or down? Fundamentals me lad. You say the "boys," are in complete control? The harder they push, the more they risk losing control. Very soon, we will be severely "oversold" and the ball will shoot to the surface. BTW, you never addressed the issue of your "profit." You just accused me a kicking and screaming ..... are you just going to hold your ears and say "naaaanaaaaanaaaaaaa .... I can't hear you!" LMAO.

    • SOme advise for you , grim...

      rather than trying to keep tabs of our trades, spend some time studying the charts. I do not move this stock, nor do you. DA BOYZ do. I'm just reporting what I see. If you think I am going to report every trade here, you are nutz. I trade a lot, to put it mildly...and in the end, I almost always profit from my trades. May be off by a few days here and there...but in the end, I profit. Ya gotta have patience in this game.

      ASEI has about a "zero" chance of going up until downside targets are met. You and I cannot change that.

    • Traders vs. core.

      You can kick and scream all you want, grim....fact is, ASEI is headed to $60, then $55. See the high sto crossover? Don't be a puppy ;),r14,ss&c=

      See ya manana kid ;)

    • itsa....your numbers don't add up....course nobody expected them to.

      $300k @ $69.22 = 4400 shares short. You said you covered today. Given your superior intellect, we'll say you covered at $64.22. That's $5.00 x 4400 = $22,000. But you made 50% more than did you do it? By performing unnatural acts on your "boys?"

    • Title should have read "HIGH STOCHASTIC CROSSOVER"...oops ;),r14,ss&c=

      Crystal clear here, folks ;)


      Look at the above chart...look at the bottom indicator (slow stochastic). See the crossover? Look left at all the other high crossovers at the top of the you see one that HAS NOT resulted in a selloff all the way down to the bottom of the range? Me either ;)

      First stop $60, then $55. Oppenheimer et. all should begin covering in earnest around those marks. NOT BEFORE.

    • Last week was the beginning of the market will be deeper than most expect.

      ...whowuddathunkit? puts? ;)

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