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  • mo_ney4dhoney mo_ney4dhoney Jul 18, 2007 12:09 AM Flag

    Stock tips anyone... since it's so quiet?


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    • "But today is 2007 and the ratio is much higher."

      Yeah , and the economy is BOOMING while Carter's Admin. was a nightmare.
      "If we had listened to Carter". EVERY President calls for reducing dependency on foreign oil. The Arabs ( kids went to Harvard/Yale)know to not let the price get too high or alternatives make sense.People won't tolerate the $1.00-$2.00 tax/gallon to make a difference.

    • But today is 2007 and the ratio is much higher.

      If we had listened to Carter and really focused on relieving ourselves of foreign oil, we'd be in a much better shape today.

    • Try reading the link you included. "The National Debt Graph" " In 1981 the gross national debt,compared to the nation's annual income,reached its lowest point since 1931,32.5%"

      Those GOLDEN Carter years---I voted for him.

      I'm going out for a nice dinner . Keep wallowing in fear--the old USA's best days are behind us. We should raise taxes right away and all convert to Islam. I'm in.

    • 1981 was 26 years ago. That's the point you use to make your argument that the debt is the lowest as a % of GDP? And right after that point, every time there is a Republican in the WH it rises. It lowered during Clinton. And don't try to say it was the Republican controlled congress that brought fiscal restraint because when Republicans controlled everything after Clinton, it starts to rapidly rise again.


    • "In 1981 the gross national debt , compared to the nation's annual income, reached its lowest point since 1931,32.5%"

      I am,also, a registered independent who does NOT watch Fox news."Family values"--obviously an issue with you.

      OK You WIN!! Jimmy Carter (1981) was the economic high point for the Republic. (2007)Stock market is crashing,int. rates are soaring,inflation is killing us & the unemployment is rampant. Yep-- I am brainwashed.


      Hmmmm. You still sure Bush and his fellow wreckless spending Republicans are still the best thing for this country. Looks like under Reagan/Bush and then Bush/Cheney the % of debt to GDP did rise. Looks like you should spend some time reading history or doing some real research instead of blindly listening to Fox News.

      I'm not a Democrat by the way. I'm registered independent. But since the Republicans took full control of all 3 branches from 2001-2006 spending has increased 40% (which does not include the wars and Katrina). Since taxes are the money needed to pay for the government spending, they essentially increased taxes by 40%. At the same time, they decreased the tax rate, thus pushing their spending increases onto the backs of future tax payers.

      Not so sure this is good family values or even conservative values.

      You should dry your brain out from all that washing.

    • The "debt" as a % of our GDP is actually down. Try getting a viewpoint that you won't see in your Times Picayune--the Wall Street Journal editorial page.

      "Contained" yeah until he smuggled a dirty bomb into Tel Aviv and killed 500,000 people. You'd be screaming we should have done something. Like that idiot in Iran now, something had to be done. FDR once said "you don't have to wait for a rattlesnake to bite you"

      Brainwashed?--- read your history.

    • So I'll put you down as someone who thinks we don't have to pay back our debt.

      And regarding Sadam, I didn't say he was a nice guy and to leave him alone. We had him contained for about 1$ billion a year. Now we've spent nearly $600 billion in 5 years and lost over 3,600 military to stir up a hornets nest. If you think that is smart; well, that says a lot about you. Brainwashed....

    • If the pie is growing, you are right. IF you are being sarcastic............

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