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  • gj0084 gj0084 Aug 17, 2010 11:56 AM Flag

    The Republican Mistake

    So it's not OK to extend unemployment benefits based on the reasoning that it will add $35 billion to this years deficit, since the Democrats didn't find a way to pay for extending those benefits now.

    But it's OK to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, even though it will add $400 billion to the deficit annually, since they didn't find a way to pay for those tax cuts.


    Oh I forgot. The Republican party is now the Hypocrite part. OK. Then all is fine.

    Oh, and let's have the government tell a private entity that they can't practice their religion on their privately held property. Did they forget about this country having something about "freedom of relgion" in the constitution? Is that their mistake?

    And then why do they get their panties in a bunch over building a mosque 2 blocks from ground zero when there is already a mosque 3 blocks from ground zero? Shouldn't they also be demanding that the existing one be torn down?

    Trying to figure out their reasoning is hopeless.

    And the only mistake that Obama has made is in trying to work with Republicans.

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    • "Democratic cheerleading loon"


      endangered species listing soon.We are TAKING BACK THE COUNTRY !!!!!!!!!

    • So you are playing peek-a-boo with yourself after dusk in the corn fields.........

      Don't fock with me GJ, or, I will turn the Mrs.
      lose on you..........

      Let's face it are a Democratic cheerleading loon. As if that means anything today or is in anyway significant.

    • I noticed you no longer want to talk about "following the money". Kind of sucks to be blindsided by your friends on Fox News. Now that you know the Saudi prince funding that mosque NEAR ground zero is the second largest shareholder of News Corp (parent to Fox News).

      Also following the money: News Corp gives $1 million to the Republicans. But that bias has been obvious for years to anyone with a working brain.

      Spinspur, take your id's and just go.

    • November is coming.....

    • I am crushed...............

    • If you had any brains at all, you would google "glenn beck income" and can see that there are many sources that report he made 32 million last year.

      But you are too stupid to do that. Just keep your yapping away with lies at full speed.

      Now I remember why I quit responding to you. It's not fun trying to reason with a retard.

    • And the bulk of the OBama's income came from his book that was sellable because of his run for the presidency..........

      So politico states that Glenn Beck made $32 million last year. BS.......let them document that fact with specifics.
      And they have access to Beck's personal tax information..........that's interesting.......How did they do that?

      OBama has been in the womb from the beinning. He has walked the carpeted hallways and hoisted many a coffee cup while pontificating what is good for the nation and the people that live in America. Unfortunately, this child, has
      never had to make a profit, or a payroll on his own. As far as the economy he is soo over his head it ain't funny. This band of idiots do not understand how to increase employment let alone create new markets.

      What is taking place tacitly is the complete looting of the US Treasury Chicago style. GJ is too stupid to understand how it works.

      But the best is yet too come. GJ, you fricking moron, when OBama leaves office watch how quickly he obtains $5 Billion plus and suddenly is the captain of his own foundation........

      What will Politico have to say about that?:

    • " He has never had to actually make a profit and pay taxes."

      I don't understand why you keep yapping your stupid mouth. You are constantly wrong. Don't you feel bad about that at all? You really are a big dumb oaf.

      From the link:

      " The Obamas paid $1,792,414 in federal income tax " (for 2009). This was on approx 5.5 million in income.

      Glenn Beck made $32 million last year and has the gall to claim he is one of the regular folks while Obama is a rich out of touch elitist. Just shows how stupid the public is to buy into this crap.

      And to top it off, he shouts loudly about any Democrat who has messed up their taxes but remains silent about his own "tax accidents".

      From the following link:

      "Mercury, a private corporation that lists Beck as chief executive officer and his wife, Tania Beck, alternately as vice president or secretary, since 2007 has fallen behind on its New York City business income taxes and has been cited for filing errors related to its obligations under Texas franchise tax and New York state workers' compensation insurance rules. "

      This country is going down big time; and all thanks to stupid hypocrite Republicans.

    • Which religion flew planes into buildings and killed more than 3000 people, and fought for the right to build worship place next to the victims as a symbol of victory? Is that healing or rubbing salt and vinegar on wounds?

      • 1 Reply to townerc001
      • No religion flew planes into buildings. A few radical freaks did that. Those that want to forbid the building of the mosque are ignorant about who really attacked us on 9/11/2001.

        And if building a mosque near the sites of the attack, why did nobody say anything about the center built at the Pentagon? We were attacked there as well. What about the existing mosque that is 3 blocks away from ground zero instead of the proposed one 2 blocks away. How many blocks away is OK? Apparently 3.

        Which religion brought the people of Africa to the U.S. and used them as slaves?

        Leviticus 25:44-46: "Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves. You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property. You can will them to your children as inherited property and can make them slaves for life ....

    • And the none of the pundits will admit that the nation is bankrupt. That the American people have grown soft. While OBama's intentions may be good he has lived in the womb all his life. He has never had to actually make a profit and pay taxes. From childhood to present day he has always lived as the beneficiary of others tax payments.

      His policies and personal life embody and promote the entitlement mindset.............

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