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  • wolftts wolftts May 23, 2011 6:47 AM Flag

    Wolftts Was Drinking In A Beer Joint...

    in Calumet City last night when I got kicked out because I ran out of money. There Wolftts was broke, unarmed, down on his luck, and with eight or nine miles of dangerous gang turf between me and the safety of my ghetto pad. I could try hitchhiking but no motorist in his right mind would pick up a street punk like Wolftts. No taxi driver goes near my hood day or night if he wants to stay alive, so Wolftts started footing it towards home. I think some former gang rival saw me in the bar and he probably sounded the alarm to other hoods in the area. Wolftts got about two miles when these four gang-bangers came out of nowhere. They claimed there was a bounty out on Wolftts for "alleged" misdeeds I pulled on members of their posse years ago. I thought four dudes, no problem, Wolftts could punch them all out and rip-off their jewelery at the same time. All of a sudden six more dudes showed up. Four or five Wolftts could take them, but ten, no way Jose. So Wolftts did the only reasonable thing a sane person would do in a situation like this, I ran like hell. These cats chased Wolftts for six blocks and I managed to stay ahead of them but I was getting tired. Too many Mad Dogs. If I stopped it would be the end of Wolftts, a true loss of a gifted individual to humanity. Wolftts started to see his life flash before his eyes, then all of a sudden a passing freight train came whizzing by headed toward the central freight yards. Wolftts gave it all he had, cut sideways toward the RR tracks, made a flying leap, and managed to catch the ladder on the last rail car. As I pulled myself up I could see the punks chasing me eat my dust in the distance. Wolftts made it home and as I write this the sun is coming up in Chicago. Wolftts lives to see another day...

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