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  • givethanksineverything givethanksineverything Aug 5, 2011 10:49 AM Flag

    Long Term Shareholders of ASEI

    I have been a long term holder of ASEI for many years and have seen "lumpy" quarters before and have seen the shorts (like many posters on this board) have a field day trying to panic shareholders to increase their quick trading gains.

    Long term holders must keep their eye on the multi year progress of this company... and remember the huge multi year financial gains and product development over the negatives of a lumpy quarter.

    Bottom line per Mr. Fabiano: ASEI remains very confident of the future and the future looks strong. Orders have been pushed out. Proposal tender activity continues to be robust... a strong pipeline and getting stronger. The main question is not "if" but "when".

    ASEI continues to invest heavily in new product development... and in cost reductions.

    ASEI has a very strong pipeline for the future and there is a compelling need for protection for ports, cargo, parcel, troops, and critical infrastructure.

    ASEI per Mr. Fabiano expects to continue to gain market share in the product lines served.

    The balance sheet of ASEI is incredibly strong with 60% of its assets in cash and virtually no long term debt.

    Finally, from the vantage point of this long term ASEI holder, I cannot imagine any scenario that would diminish terrorism, fraud, theft, border violations ... and the compelling need for protection and inspections.

    I have no intention of selling ASEI and view the current pricing as a good entry point for both new shareholders ... and for ASEI buy backs of its own shares.


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    • GT.....I bought my first shares in the teens (still have 100) but......the facts have changed.....Alot of very well financed competitors have emerged (Smiths with a rugged trailer....where did that come from) declining bookings just go look at all the bookings for Rapiscan......If Fabiano was so confident why did he sell 1/2 of his shares along with every other insider....when it gets to the high 30s I might start to buy it all back. I have been around this stock too long and know and remember all of the round trips it has taken

    • very well put. but i can say that because i bought my asei at $4.00 a share back in 1993. it will be back in the 90's probably as soon as obama gets booted out.

    • GT Do you work for ASEI? I am not a short but it seems the writing is on the wall.Seems like they are losing market share not gaining. Sure sounds liked a canned pitch to me.

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