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  • gj0084 gj0084 Aug 6, 2011 11:01 AM Flag

    Good job tea baggers ....

    Boehner was willing to raise some revenue. Obama was willing (obviously) to make major spending cuts. Had we simply had an agreement months ago where both sides compromised, there would have been no discussion of a downgrade on U.S. debt.

    S&P gave their reason as more political instability than economics, especially after realizing a $2 trillion error in their calculations.

    The tea baggers are fully to blame here.

    Welcome to tea bagger land.

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    • Where are all the tea baggers today? They should be shouting and carrying on about tax increases. Oh wait. These latest round of tax increases comes from the Republicans.

      I dare any so-called tea party person to read the following:

      What's that you say? Tax increases from the Republicans? How can that be?

      Take a look closer. It is tax increases on the middle class and poor.

      But I still don't understand why the tea baggers are not taking up arms. I thought they hated any tax increase whatsoever. I guess tax increases are OK, as long as the Republicans are the ones proposing them.

      Or maybe they don't know about it because Fox News isn't talking about it.

      Welcome to tea bagger land.

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      • --- arguing that tax cuts should be “broad-based, immediate and permanent.” Broad-based? The payroll tax cut, which the Journal dismisses so contemptuously"
        GJ, get real -- are you really going to buy a car with $20 extra bucks a week for ONE year? Key word is "permanent" don't make MAJOR buys based on overtime do you. DEMS don't get it and never will. How's that "Obama" economy doing ??
        Business has shut down investment. What will my taxes be if this DOPE gese re-elected? Coming regulation? Health care costs? Business hates UNCERTAINTY............
        Nov. 2012 -- see ya to THE worst Pres. in US history...

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