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  • spanspur spanspur Oct 25, 2012 11:54 PM Flag

    Barack Obama The Perfect Stooge..................

    The bankers needed him after the 2008 CDO debacle. One thing the government hasn't told anyone is that the trillions that have been printed were not necessarily spent here. If in fact $4 trillion was spent domestically the economy would be on fire, but a sizeable portion of the money was distributed to foreign governments, foreign municipalities, and certain financial institutions which have used the money to make acquisitions, i.e., B of A.

    Obama was the perfect stooge. Popular in the beginning with the 20 somethings, popular because of the hatred of George Bush, popular because the bushel of empty promises and lies that just felt so good.

    As the San Diego Union Tribune so accurately stated in their editorial wherein they identified Barack Obama as the #1 "worst president in American history":

    1. Faculty Lounge Mentality
    2. Obama sold the American people a bill of goods with Obama care wherein he promotes that bringing 45 million more people into the Federal Government's health care system..............that it would not cost more (it was supposedly going to save money), that there would be no health care rationing, and furthermore, that the Federal oversight board would not limit or ration health care to older Americans (when in fact testimony/commentary from Obama's own architects talk of the ultility value of older Americans vs. younger Americans and the need to stop spending so much on seniors).
    3. Obama is full of himself and the adulation that he previously enjoyed.

    A true empty suite who has never had a real job. After church (20 years at reverend wright's black nationalist church in the 2nd row), barack and michelle never heard a thing. And everyday after church it was the White Devils, the Brown Devils, the Koreans who steal our money, and GD America. And of course the Obama's never heard a thing.

    Finally, How can anyone forget, Michelle Obama who left a $350K per year job at the University of Chicago (an Illinois style appointment wherein her job was to steer low income patients to other hospitals so that those capable of paying could be deposited at the place where she worked), during the campaign once said: "for the first time in my adult life I am proud to be an American".

    Wow!!! I guess all previous generations of Americans did nothing for Barack and Michelle who without question brought their VICTIM mentality, while residing in the people's house, while polarizing and pitting the American people against each other.

    A true empty suit.................

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