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  • spanspur spanspur Nov 7, 2012 10:08 AM Flag

    Collapse Of American Economy Now Underway.......

    China has withdrawn from financing America, and the Fed is literally printing money to buy American rollover bonds. The expansion of the Fed's balance sheet will not last forever. The value of the average American's wealth in retirement funds is going to be dramatic. Cunsumer confidence is going to plummet, defense issues and the jobs and economic Velocity this sector creates is going to contract as the layoffs begin post election.

    As I type CNBC is talking about the next downgrade of America's credit rating, while gold and the BIX soar. Add in much higher cap gain taxes........

    Translation: Stocks (most Americans own them), bonds (only a fool would own Corporate or Goverment issues), will crash in value. It's over! The financial markets and business and Prosperity is not possible in a country wherein each state now has a debt of $400 billion.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell