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  • spanspur spanspur Nov 10, 2012 5:55 AM Flag

    Southern California Edison Begins Layoff 30% Of Work Force........

    At their campus facility. Layoffs are beginning to accelerate post election as companies realize there is no future in America. Government does not create real jobs, government does not make a GAAP profit, the nation is financially bankrupt.......

    In regard to the Benghazi fiasco, congressional oversight committee members are aghast that the CIA submitted documents that state that the assualt began at 5:15 A.M., while the White House says it started at 4 A.M........

    Sadly the Obama administration cannot get their story straight. Hillary resigning (thank goodness, as the canvas from Momar Kadafi's tents is almost depleted and she will now be required to import fabric from China for her array of pant suits.......size 18), and please remember this is a woman who once invested $1,000 in cattle futures and one week later made $100,000 on the wager (she will be moving her operation to the Merc), Eric Holder awaits his presidential pardon for lying to congress and his contempt of congress conviction and he too is resigning (Fast & Furious, "no big deal, we ship weapons to the the cartels all the time"), Panetta is going and looking for a place to hide out prior to lying to congress, Pretraus.......adidos muchacho, predator drone attack by Iran occurring on November 1st prior to election while Obama administration hides event from American people, and Michelle is going on the Ellen Degenerate show to highlight her new $800 handbag.......

    But not is all lost. Weed is legal in Colorado.........and sandra fluke has successfully defended the War On Women which is ongoing in America today.

    The world is laughing at the USA, is anyone surprised?

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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