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  • houseodds houseodds Nov 5, 2000 11:07 AM Flag

    scandal no one cares about

    Alleged by msnbc contributor Eric Alterman, is
    the following scandal. Bush gets a $600,000 loan from
    a bank where he had been a director and he buys a
    1.8% interest in the Texas Rangers. "At the behest of
    Bush and his fellow investors, state authorities
    create the Arlington Sports Facilities Development
    Authority, which was given the power to expropriate some
    private land to build the team a new stadium. When some
    of the homeowners and farmers refused to sell for
    the low prices being offered, the Authority condemned
    their land and expropriated it by force of law. It did
    this with 270 acres of land even though only about 17
    acres were needed for the ballpark. The rest was used
    for commercial development that made Bush and his
    friends rich. A state judge eventually ruled that amount
    paid to the local homeowners had been well under
    market value and a bit more was paid in a settlement.
    But Bush apparently didn't care. The team got its new
    stadium and he walked away with $15 million in his

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