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  • marcus2346 marcus2346 Jul 7, 2001 12:40 PM Flag

    The point is...

    Let us not forget that the best and most abundant source for H2 is plain water, not fossil fuels(period).

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    • Haha!
      You guys posts crack me up. Did you not know that the U.S. has untapped oil reserves that would last us many years? I would call that pretty sustainable. We just haven't mined that oil yet because we can get the oil cheaper from Saudi Arabian oil workers who mine it for a salary of 10 cents an hour.

      Also, the U.S. government has 6+ month oil supply for emergencies. Whats really distressing is that Clinton tapped that emergency supply in order to keep oil prices down when they shot up a little bit. If Clinton was smart, he would have let oil prices continue to go up so that people got scared into using fuel cells as an alternative.

    • The buying public will determine the speed of the love affair with the Fuel Cell Technology.

      Here in the good ole USA the buying, consuming Public is 66% of the Economic Engine, and will give the go ahead to Fuel Cells with their Consuming Public buying power.

    • You got that right! And that's excactly the reason Shiek Yahamni predicted the end of the oil age in a news release about a year ago!!!!


    • Marcus: People won't want to pay for the cleanest form of hydrogen they can get.

      They'll want to pay for the lowest costing form of hydrogen they can get.

      Today in large quantities the lowest costing form of hydrogen for most people will come from reforming methane.

      There is a lot of unused methane available in North America today that could be converted from GTL and used as a super clean fuel for diesels and easily reformed into hydrogen at the fueling station of your choice.

      Making hydrogen directly from H2O will probably be non-competitive for transportation uses for a while to come.


      • 1 Reply to dwmeldrum
      • dw, If I understand you correctly, this really does come down to dollars and cents and your point is well taken. My point is that in essence, water and solar are the free components to deriving H2 and this can be done almost anywhere. Until Big Oil can find a way to profit and Government a way to tax these two components, fuel cell efficiency/evironmental issues will be secondary. The only roadblocks I can see, that are slowing the fuel cell revolution is not the hardware issues, but rather how the Oil Cartel can/will continue to hold "power" over us. Your argumnet is a good one from the other points of view and I can respect that.

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