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  • kknauber kknauber Jul 13, 2001 9:20 PM Flag

    Energy SAVINGS selling well

    i don't have a short position in BLDP. I'm just waiting for BLDP's stock to crash to about $15 per share, at which point I'll buy it and stay long. It would be silly to short this stock, since there is so much hype and environmental fervor over it. As I've said before, the stock won't be worth much for about 20 years. FC is a promising technology but its before its time.

    P.S. I made a mistake in an earlier post, saying that most platinum mines will be mined out in about 20 years. It looks as if the average would be more like 30 years at current production rates.

    Also note how expensive it is to mine platinum: even their most productive mines have to dig up 12 tons of earth just to come up with one ounce of platinum! Think about that when you buy your "environmentally friendly" fuel cell automobile engine which requires a few ounces of platinum.

    This info is from annual report for largest platinum producer in the world:

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