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  • kknauber kknauber Jul 14, 2001 1:51 AM Flag

    Energy SAVINGS selling well

    I can understand a bit of your confusion at your remarks.

    I am being extra caustic in my remarks in order to encourage your responses. People are more responsive when they are on the defensive. I wish you guys would be less emotional and more technical. On the other a couple of you guys have these crybaby responses that crack me up. You NEVER should invest in a stock for emotional reasons... it is the #1 way to lose all your money. I made that mistake when I invested in BUNZ because I was addicted to Schlotsky's sandwiches :P

    Having said that, of all alternative energy sources, fuel cells are the most promising alternative energy source for automobiles. But, the technical challenges seem more and more enormous every place I look. Its very difficult to wade through all the pie in the sky news reports and get at the meat.

    Ok, so, I would like to see some real analysis of how much platinum is needed for an automobile fuel cell which can deliver say 100kW of power (about 134 horsepower). The only data I've seen so far is 6 ounces of platinum for a 100kW FC engine. 6 ounces of platinum costs about $3600 @ $600 per ounce. The price of platinum will only go up as reserves dwindle.

    The articles about the thin film technology don't have any mention that this technology will require less platinum per kW of power than is currently needed. It just sounds like a cheaper and cleaner manufacturing process.

    Also, I'll bet you a dollar that catalytic converters don't require anywhere near 6 ounces of platinum. Someone prove me wrong :P

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