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  • CJL72 CJL72 Jun 8, 2011 9:04 PM Flag

    Someone is playing games here! Drive it down to .053 and now 120K .054 on the Bid!

    There are plenty of games being played; and plenty more to be played;That is the idea, and has been for Years;
    If the folks that own and run MLB teams think that stashing Mega Millions into a Equity or Bond Fund is a payback to their customer base, then they have to deal with the consequences;
    I do not invest in what they choose to invest in; but I am interested in the Mega Millions of VOLUME that is trading; and so are others...
    This thing will stay at 3M - 8M on the Market Cap for the near term;

    NeoMedia Technologies Inc (NEOM)

    We have volume!!! This type of company activity / volume can be effective in many ways for many!!!

    Current Market Cap 3M; Max Market Cap Locally = 8M or 12 Cents;

    @ 12 Cents; Price and Volume POINTS per Recent 7.03 DAYS;

    Report Category, Notes, Per Report, Price: , Metric. , Weight. , Combined Trading Metric ,Year / Designation or DAY(S) Weight Adj Price.

    20.Volume Shares:, (84) ,M Volume :, 0.12 , (0.0944) , 1.75 , (0.1652) 1 Late May, 0.21

    21. Volume Shares:, (73) ,M Volume :, 0.12 , (0.1085) , 0.6 , (0.0677) 2 Late May, 0.07

    22.Volume Shares:, (51) ,M Volume :, 0.12 , (0.1556) , 0.5 , (0.0775) 3 Early June, 0.06

    23. Volume Shares:, (26) ,M Volume :, 0.12 , (0.3083) , 0.5 , (0.1529) 4 Early June, 0.06

    24. Volume Shares:, (35) ,M Volume :, 0.12 , (0.2276) , 0.6 , (0.1265) 5 Early June, 0.067

    Per Volume Last 7.03 DAYS, M of Shares: (267.313) @ weighted price of 9.417 Cents; (25.175)M, Sum Trading At: ,Primary Metric(s) per Volume; (1) ,Metric Weighted per Price Range / Change, 3.92_404 ,Combined; Weight Adj Trade Metric, (0.58_99), for +1.698M Market Cap, for +0.03 on adjusted level price of 9 Cents;

    Estimate of Forward Activity:

    Shares Traded 7.03 DAYS per M Shares: (267.313)
    Min Volume Increase1: 0.2238
    Min Volume Increase2: 0.2235
    Min Volume Increase 3: 0.2208
    Estimated Minimum Volume Shares to Trade LocallyM: (34)
    Estimated Factor NOT LOCAL in $$M: 1.711_767
    Estimated Maximum Volume Shares to Trade LocallyM: (58)
    Estimated NOT LOCAL Price / Min Market Cap Price: 0.0475
    (88.303_112%), Estimate of FWD Shares Traded per O/S Shares;
    0.78, Weighted Avg Price to Local Max Market Cap Price;

    Equity Linescore per same Price POINTS @ 12 Cents: Accum Deficit (235.6M)

    Sum Trading At: ,Primary Metric per Equity: ($81) M, 112 ,Metric Weighted per Price Range / Change, 3.92_404 ,Combined Weight Adj Trade Metric, 62.403 ,for +$1.698M Market Cap, for, +0.03 on adjusted level price of 9 Cents;

    Quote:Enter NEOM and Get Info @


    NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB: NEOM.OB), a leader in mobile barcode scanning solutions, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) has ruled in favor of NeoMedia in the second re-examination of its US Patent 6,199,048, ‘System And Method For Automatic Access Of A Remote Computer Over A Network’. 95 Claims, of the Barcode Lookup Patent have been confirmed as being patentable by the PTO.

    NeoMedia’s product portfolio includes: mobile barcode management & infrastructure solutions, barcode reader solutions, Mobile Coupon & Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Ticketing & POS Integration and IP Licensing.

    Do not own Shares; Review the Company;

    posted 9:03pm as 12:03am

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