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  • laloponce50 laloponce50 Apr 24, 2012 5:00 PM Flag

    law suit against IHUB too?


    the accusation against Pop Technology is serious

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    • YEs!!!!!!!!!!

    • Another moniker? Is that like 10? There are no accusations against this company. But what you are doing is completely illegal and annoying. You do know the location of your computer is recorded everytime you post. Read the NOTE above when you post next. Actually, don't post next. Go away!

      • 1 Reply to shot2gether
      • Look, Jon Cameron, these are legitimate questions. One guy is obviously attacking you with a vengeance, but he brings up some legitimate questions, which are:

        1) Why are you so obsessed with bashing NeoMedia? You post under poptech75 and shot2gether on yahoo. On iHub you post under jcg0176 and Poptech and (it is suspected) under the recently new alias RisknReturn.

        These amount to many, many thousands of posts bashing the stock NEOM, criticizing anyone with a positive slant and only occasionally typing a post pretending to actually hope share price rises.

        2) Does your company, and website, Pop Technologies compete in any way with NeoMedia? Can you profit if Neomedia struggles?

        3) We know who you are, and we know at least a few of your aliases, so why not come clean! Tell us the whole story, or you just look like you have an illegal agenda.

        Say it ain't so Jon! Say it ain't so!

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