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  • kantawala May 16, 2013 12:38 PM Flag

    I called it!!

    It was crazy yesterday due to manipulation. But slow and steady gains from here.

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    • Weaklings and day traders or speculators or moron chartist day reversal opiners like alfonshit got out scared.Good riddance for them. I am staying in VIPS until its fair value of forward PEG ONE. Over 100% growth and EPS of $1.5 estimated for next year (likely go up a lot due to Q1 beat and guidance) ... At PEG of 1, the price of VIPS should be a lot higher IMO

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      • Yes it just has to break some threshold

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      • Most Chinese stocks don't get PEG of 1, except for the big established co., but i think VIPS will eventually be one of those co.

      • I hear that assessment alot about what the stock "should be at". A stem cell company I have believed in for years is still under ten cents today. That's even inspite of today's pr they released saying results in a Phase 1/2 clinical trial they are doing for treatment of the sight-robbing disease "macular degeneration", returned the sight of a patient from 20/400, back to 20/40. It took this company 5 years to get this far after Obama in 08', freed them from Bush's conservative policy on embryonic stem cell research. This company almost went bankrupt a couple of times trying to keep their head above water till the world caught up to it. The company had created a way to take one stem cell from a pre-embryonic phase and not only doesn't destroy it, they have over 50 healthy babies as proof that it is safe and has been approved as a means of obtaining esc's.

        It closed today at .075.

        Vips also has a viable contender in DangDang. From the stair-ladder chart after this co made the announcement of going into flash sales, its percentage gains are way better that VIPS and can you blame people taking the gains from 35/shr VIPS and putting those gains into 5/shr DangDang? You know they're hoping to have the same "multi-bagger" run that VIPS provided everyone so far, but that they had missed. Once, shame on them. Twice, shame on me.

      • Indeed, good point... this could go as high as 85 with forward earnings accounted for. Some analysts might not like Chinese business, or think numbers untrustworthy. The overwhelming factor in favour of VIPS is population: China boasts a growing middle class with access to more and more bank loans - a market at least 5 times the size of the US. Think of VIPS as ebay in its early days.

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