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  • z202h100 z202h100 Aug 2, 2006 10:46 AM Flag

    Buy while it's low ...

    Nice revenues with more new revenue streams soon to come, together with a little tighter currency management should spin this stock higher. Looks to me to be an easy bet, especially with the nice dividend.

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    • Are they paying you to pump this stock up?

      Be realistic: look at the performance compared to DJIA and S&P (or any other index) over the last two years (the reason being that is about how long the current management has been in place).

      Calculate out the starting price two years ago to the current price and add in your dividends. You are still losing money and would have been better off buying a mutual fund that tracked one of the indexes.

      The stock swings purely on speculation so any money you put into it is gambling and not based on fundamentals.

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      • One sure way to lose money in stocks is to invest looking through the rear view mirror. Earnings are temporarily being hampered by the three new call centers. This problem will go away by the end of the year, allowing earnings to shoot back up. The good news will come about with new client announcements for SRT's new products and services. Buy when it's low, my friend. This is how one makes money in stocks (not the other way around).

    • SRT is washed out. Being cynical at this price is a joke (unless you are short and looking to cover before next week's ex dividend date).

    • I am definitly not a short I am just warning off people that might think this is a good long term play. It might be good for a run up (and hopefully soon) but for a long term hold no way.

      Frankly if you aren't a cynic about them you must have just gotten on the SRT bandwagon. Look back and see if they ever give out any press releases if they miss earnings or if revenue is going to be flat or low. You won't find it because they don't do it. You get the company line and what they hope happens in the next quarter but nothing you can take to the bank. This stock is pure speculation so buy in for the dividend if you want but don't stick around or else you will end up drinking the tainted kool-aid

    • You say you are not a cynic, but you sure sound like one. Granted, the company is adding lots of revenues while trying to manage the bottom line against a very difficult economic backdrop. But they are doing all they can to boost the top line, and they are finding success. The bottom line will come around. I like the fat dividend while I wait for that to happen.

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