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  • So my reasoning is that as the dollar weakens, SRT will be in a position to benefit. Thoughts?

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    • What is your logic behind that?

      This company more than any other does not trade up or down based on any financial fundamentals such as Income statements, Cash flow or A/R. In fact this is one of the most disorganized companies in this sector. Look at the facts:
      -They turn over their entire executive board about every 3 years.
      -The technology they use has been the same for about the last 7 years and this is in a field which moves very quickly.

      -The people they should get rid of they don't. There are people at SRT that have have never worked anywhere else. Loyalty is a good thing but when you have the same people in the IT area for more than a decade it means you are never exposed to new ideas.

      Their business model has been the same for about 10 years now: Do whatever it takes to sign up companies to be their cheapest call center outsourcer and do everything as cheaply as possible.

    • hmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!

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