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  • wasssssupppppp wasssssupppppp Oct 26, 2009 4:42 PM Flag


    You've been pretty positive on Westell What are your thoughts now? How much lower? Do we see .60 cents again?

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    • Obviously I'm not very happy....It time for this company to step up and defend it's stock price or get out of business....Most companies strive to maximize their stock price and increase shareholder value....I get the feeling with this management that they are more hostile toward shareholders than the competition.

      Basically, the first issue that needs resolving is CP...This division just needs to be sold....It just does not fit with Westell and I think is more of a distraction than anything....I think they need to put this on the block and let shareholders as well as competitors know that it is available and get what they can for it.

      Then they need to decide whether they can make a run with the CNE and Outside Plant operations...If they can then great but if there are issues there then liquidate the company and sell it to somebody than can make a business run of it...Like I've said before I think Adtran is the perfect fit.

      Really I'm not sure how this current state of operation can be good for anyone, and that includes employees, shareholders, and even customers....I have to wonder what Verizon and T think of the operation of this company.....Especially when they are a prime vendor for a key operation in Verizon's FIOS.

      The bottom line here is this company needs to change its perception about what it is and where it is going when it comes to taking care of shareholders and it's stock price.

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      • They've put up three straight quarters of positive cash flow and two straight profitable quarters with two more on the horizon. I believe this is the best of all ways to "defend" stock price. There are a lot of folks who bought large amounts of the stock under 50 cents per share recently. I think during the run-up from $0.63/share, many also bought it as a growth stock (which it obviously is not - they've been clear they have no intention of operating like this).

        Both of the buyers I mention here would need little if any "intrinsic" reason to sell. They've made a nice profit and are taking it at a moment's notice - even in response to a clumsy press release that clouded otherwise good results and what is clearly a positive outlook (from an intrinsic value perspective).


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