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  • wishiwasjimmybrown wishiwasjimmybrown Feb 18, 2011 7:56 AM Flag

    Break out to four

    Not seeing it happen boys. This puppy might break three but not four. Just my opinion

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    • It's going to be slow going but we'll get there. I believe we'll be jacked around all the way up.

      The act of artificially inflating or deflating the price of a security. In most cases, manipulation is illegal. It is much easier to manipulate the share price of smaller companies, such as penny stocks, because they are not as closely watched by analysts as the medium- and large-sized firms.

      One way people can deflate the price of a security is by placing hundreds of small orders at a significantly lower price than the one at which it has been trading. This gives investors the impression that there is something wrong with the company, so they sell, pushing the prices even lower. Another example of manipulation would be to place simultaneous buy and sell orders through different brokers that cancel each other out but give the perception, because of the higher volume, that there is increased interest in the security

    • i wish it was me but it's all WSTL: $86 million cash, 12.8% quarterly rev growth, only $142 million Enterprise Value..what more can i say, the stats speak for themselves

    • Keep talking, your making it go up!!!!

    • WSTL goes backwards before it goes up...look at historic prices...happens every time before a rebound. i've held WSTL since $.61 and it is, i admit, erratic, but still a great LT hold. WSTL requires patience, best not to watch too closely ("watched pot never boils"). it will perform...but on it's own time, not ours.

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