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  • spu_1998 spu_1998 Jan 18, 1999 12:15 AM Flag

    ADSL & 1999

    I have owned WSTL for years and have been
    disappointed. WSTL in large part has not moved due to one main
    reason: ADSL has not moved. How many ISPs have offered

    ATHM's alliance with AT&T set a fire under the
    phone-line ISPs.
    People need high bandwidth and are
    willing to pay $40 a month.
    AOL has started pushing
    the BABY BELLS and this is important.
    So this
    could really be the year of ADSL.

    Of course,
    WSTL is not the only player in the arena today. But it
    is fact that Bell Atlantic is promoting WSTL modems.
    Their recent anouncement indicated this.

    hearing of the AOL/BELL anouncement, I immediately
    more WSTL shares. It is interesting that no major
    broker has
    yet made a promotion of WSTL as a result.
    CBS Marketwatch
    screwed up in their anouncement.

    If Bell Atlantic sticks with WSTL, then the shares
    of WSTL may
    rise to 15 or $20. Of course, Bell
    may choose other vendors as well but it is fact that
    at the moment the solution they are selling is a
    WSTL one. Of course, the market is a risk,
    and WSTL
    could fail. But the probability that they will go
    is more than the opposite.

    I would like to
    believe that I am just smarter than WALL Street
    got in earlier this time. To play it safe, I invest
    in all
    of the competitors. I own ATHM, AOL, CSCO,
    I would have bought some shares of
    AWRE too but I did not
    have them on my radar

    In conclusion, ATHM & AT&T have made 1999 the year
    of ADSL.

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