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  • marketstatagist marketstatagist May 24, 1999 12:01 PM Flag


    I am going to repeat myself AGAIN. The cost structure has improved. Hint:reduction in costs translates into an improved bottom line. What else do you want to know about Westell.

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    • Also once BTAB is lifted @ 6 5/16 the stock is going to roar. The chart measures 9+.

    • in Atlanta Ga. WSTL making their presentatin with Lucky Lucent. Should be interesting.

    • I think that WSTL would derive more revenue from
      the central office side
      of things (ie the DSLAM
      concentrators) as opposed to the modems. If it is
      cheaper to
      build modems this is certainly good news for the whole

      WSTL engineers are probably working on the next wave
      of HW - have to stay

    • Has this been announced yet ? Do you know when they will be releasing this news.

    • LU will be using WSTL's hardware for their SLC2000 and 5ESS. Looking forward to LU's PR on the stuff!

    • Prodigy/Bell Atlantic deal....

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      • The MFs may try to disguise their accumulation.
        WSTL can become a turn around bet for the MFs trying
        to move $ from large cap into smaller cap.

        had to admit that I was looking for higher TAP
        revenue in the last report and didn't get it. At least
        CPI is doing better. The margin for ADSL modem is
        scary. Never thought that CPI can become the growth
        component for WSTL with good margin.

        With AT&T can't
        come to terms with COMSAT and TimeWarner on cable
        telephony, it should give BellAtlantic and other RBocs
        another chance to lock up customers with ADSL. Both US
        West and BEL have moved to lower the ADLS price, just
        need for it to translate into good WSTL revenue growth
        (with good margin).

        BEL filed to sell long
        distance in NY and MASS. ADSL is the main tool to lock up
        consumer data services befor cable attacks. We should see
        more aggresive moves by BEL in the second half---I

        Go WSTL, get over $7 first!

      • Monday May 24, 1:12 pm Eastern

        Prodigy, Bell Atlantic team on speedy

        NEW YORK, May 24 (Reuters) - Online service provider
        Communications Corp. (Nasdaq:PRGY - news) said Monday
        would partner with Bell Atlantic Corp. (NYSE:BEL -
        news) to
        provide high-speed Internet access in the
        Northeastern Baby Bell's
        service region.

        will use Bell Atlantic's digital subscriber line (DSL)
        technology, which allows for
        always-connected Web access
        at speeds 125 times faster than current 56 kilobit

        The agreement is the first step in Prodigy's plan to
        offer high-speed access nationwide.

        This summer,
        Prodigy will begin to offer DSL access as a premium
        upgrade for its members in the
        Northeast, as the
        technology becomes available in major markets.

        Atlantic launched its DSL service last October, and plans
        to make it available in areas serving
        more than 8
        million households by the end of 1999 and 16 million by
        the end of the year 2000.

        Prodigy said it will
        begin offering DSL access to its customers in parts of
        Northern New Jersey,
        Philadelphia, Washington,
        Pittsburgh, Boston and New York City in as little as 60 days,
        and roll out to
        other markets as Bell Atlantic
        expands its DSL deployment.

        Pricing for the
        service is not yet finalized, but Prodigy said its DSL
        access will be competitive with
        other high-speed

        Prodigy shares were down 62.5 cents at $24.875 in midday
        trade on the Nasdaq stock market, while
        Atlantic shares were up 37.5 cents to $55.875 on the New
        York Stock Exchange.

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