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  • y2kxtrader y2kxtrader Sep 6, 2005 1:38 PM Flag

    Those Coloreds Won't Leave Ships

    at least an attempt
    but this is looking more and more like a great deal for CCL and another $2000 toilet seat for taxpayers

    IF the contract price really is $249,000,000 as has been posted

    and IF it comes out to something like $200-250 per person a day

    look at those numbers

    for a family of say 4 staying in an inside cabin the total would be $800-1000 a day or $24000-30000 a month
    over 6 months as high as $144000-180000

    for a third of that price you could be the family a brand new double wide trailor
    or for half a decent condo in most parts of the country

    FEMA "negotiated this contract in a matter of just a few days
    given the bad press Washington is getting to me they will pay almost anything to look better

    we have been on 18 cruises in the last 12 years
    an "average" price for an inside cabin has been $700-900 a week, a balcony $900-1200

    so it sure looks like taxpayers are paying at least TWICE the price we fay for a "full" cruise which includes port charges, taxes, fuel for 2000 miles, entertainment, etc etc

    all this for 3 of the oldest most fuel innefficient ships CCL owns that were near the end anyway

    does not smell right to me

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