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  • speakwithlove2 speakwithlove2 Jan 18, 2012 11:26 AM Flag

    Seriously, Who's Buying this POS?

    Some insane hedge fund manager? Retards? Criminals, madmen? Someone who's blind and can't read?
    This is the Titanic of the 21st Century people. Get a clue. Grow a brain
    CCL to $29 and below. It's obvious to me. Mark this post if you bought above $30 this morning. Then make an appointment with a psychologist. You need help, CCL longs.

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    • Cramer has made a lot of money peddling his books. The idea that you can tell retail investors to buy or sell specific stocks every day is absurd on the face of it. The best advice you could give most retail investors would be: "Put 40% of your money in high quality corporate bonds. Put 50% in an index fund. Keep 10% in cash. Then do nothing." That would be a single 15 second TV show.

    • Good Company, Good fundmentals. Every Company has thier accidents. Sorry to here about the lives lost! CCL is no different from the airline crashes, oil spills and explosions. Buy here and sell in 6 months from now and take a cruise.

    • Back to CCL: Right now, it's playing, "I can't get through 30.50," which means that it probably will.

    • Bear ...

      True .

      We used to ONLY watch his show so we could SHORT his picks and we made a fortune the first year that clown was on .

      It still works great to bet against the monkey but not as steady as it used to be .

      He admitted on live TV that he was having a hard time getting his bank to refinance him .

      Only an idiot would use a bank when you can borrow against your own account at margin rates that are MUCH cheaper if you really want a loan .

    • Our boy CRAMER sent the buyer's in last night. Nothing brilliant about any of this; it's "the Cramer thing".

    • Hollywood has demonized cayman in a glamorous way some may argue .

      Cayman has amazing fishing ... diving ... climate too .

      Crime is almost non existent unless you wander into the few trouble areas at night and act stupid .

      The people you meet there are truly fascinating . They do NOT discuss politics or war . They have a SMALL SMALL government that doesnt screw its public .

      They have NO enemies . Jewwwws and arrrrrabs party together . No joke . Blacks and whites ??? No issues . The blacks dont have a chip on their shoulder like TOO many do in the USA . They love their families and build successful companies ... they dont have time for idiots like Sharpton who would love to see rioting in the streets .

      Billionaires smoke cuban cigars next to waiters and I sincerely have NOT seen a class war like obama would love to create here .

      Its expensive ... so ... you dont have to worry about living next to a butt wipe who retired from some dip sheet gov job and wants to bore you to death w/ how little he worked for his pension that started after 20 years of drinking coffee .

      Its primarily FUN eccentrics and business owners who said ENOUGH .

      The Island is a loving , beautiful place .

      Its also CLOSE enough to Florida that you can be back and forth in a zip .

      More nations will simplify their policies towards business owners and enjoy the same HIGH standard of living enjoyed by Caymanians and lucky ex pats .

      COme visit ... I recommend The Ritz on Seven Mile Beach . The bar is a great place to meet world leaders at Martini time .

      Havana CLub is the hot bar too ... live music and BEAUTIFUL women .

      Hope that helps .

    • I'm sold. I'm moving my new nickel smelter to the Caymans. With all due respect, (and a bit of envy for your prospective residence in the Caymans), can you tell me what else they do down there besides hide money? The Swiss, at least, make some excellent cheese and watches. Even Luxembourg makes a little steel and a little mediocre wine. My new nickel smelter should be the Cayman's largest industrial enterprise.

    • Im not there FULL TIME yet.

      I go back and forth between Cayman and Florida .

      Full time move comes in the fall when my youngest heads for college .

      The Islands offer true opportunities for business leaders unlike the USA .

      USA treats business owners like enemies of the state .

      I see tremendous growth offshore as the USA plummets in respect and international prestige . Why would any sane person locate their NEW companies here when they would be welcomed w/ open arms and 99 % less paperwork offshore ?

      USA will become just a northern version of mexico in the next 20 years .

    • There is also something counterintuitive about shorting a stock (CMG) which is trading at an alltime high. Back to CCL: On the theory that only the large holders and the amateurs are trading this right now, I just added a few @ 30.28. Because we all know who usually wins that one.

    • This is predominantly short covering, standard retracement following an extreme move...typical market behavior..

      nothing more...

      Covering will fade, shorts will take new positions. No upside here...

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