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  • TechManic TechManic Jan 31, 2012 10:17 AM Flag

    With a 3.3% yield, CCL won't drop much...

    I can't see CCL moving that much lower. With a 3.3% yield, it should find a stopping point soon.

    The Concordia was just 1 of 100 ships they have. They are still a 99% healthly company.

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    • unless the cut their divident to ofset the damages

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      • Helloooo, this stock was trading last November lower and at that time it had no major disasters, lawsuits, damage brand image, lost of a ship, potential environmental clean up cost, future increased insurance premiums. Even a 5% loss in revenue equates to profit loss. Again you longs must be blind if you believe this stock is valued more then it was last November with no disasters. The only reason this stock hasn't sunk yet is up is because its artificially being inflated to draw in the shorts and other investors in like yourself to get your money. One the real numbers come in, it will be too late for you longs. It makes no sense to invest in this stock until the price corrects back below last November levels. I wouldn't consider buying this stock until it reach $25. Good Luck to you all.

    • Your logic here seems flawed. You do not mention the massive amount of litigation that will undoubtedly result from this tragedy, so your post appears naive by leaving this important element out. Either that or you are looking to pump this stock up a bit so you can buy some puts at a good price. Your comment about "1 in 100 ships, so 99% healthy" seems ridiculous. There is more than just the cost of the ship and its potential revenue. Thats like saying with the Transocean spill, that the rig they lost was 1 in 100, so they are 99% healthy. Kind of absurd.

    • CCL stock was already about 50% off its 52 week high, so in a sense, the disaster was already priced in.

      I know from a standpoint of loss of life this is a horrible way to look at it, but that is just a simple fact.

      I bought at just under 30, and believe we will see a short term 20% pop.

    • nice dividend combined with a share price of 1x book value, industry leader (by far), financially strong, with heavy insider ownership....sign me up!

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