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  • bigkahuana99 bigkahuana99 Apr 23, 2013 11:22 AM Flag

    Arrogant CEO

    The arrogance of this CEO is unfathomable. Disappears during crisis and much to late throws money at the problem in hopes that it "goes away". I'll be purchasing puts on rises as the many lawsuits from Concordia haven't even been factored in and they will be substantial. Now they have a major problem with Senator Rockefeller as well, sounds like a shorters heaven to me.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • All huge corporations usually have dozens of active lawsuits. You are overreacting.

    • Does this set the pattern for the ships Captain, like the one on the Concordia that abandoned the ship while it was sinkig? That captain has a hit and run mentality. Hopefully, he will get a lot of jail time.

    • I enjoy cruising, have gone on 6 of which 3 were Carnival; but I will wait on Carnival at least 1 year, to see what's up. the best you can hope for in the short term is they get rid of the stupid officers like the one on the Concordia.

    • So, you base your decision to short on those 3 factors? 1.That Micky has the president of the specific cruise division to be main talking head, 2, That he is willing to repay Coast Guard (one expert says the Coast Guard can not accept the money), and 3. Rockkeller is making politics again. And, maybe something will come with the Concordia lawsuits. Is that right? Is that all you got?
      You could have added that the Carnival division is heavily discounting cruises. Other divisions not so much, IMO. And yet with all the bad news out the stock has not gone down very much and is starting to inch up. Reliable reports say ships going out full. Did you listen to the stock holders meeting the other day? They are still making money but not as much as desired. So, are things going to get better or worse?

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      • Mickey is only in the cruise business for the money. He deliberately skrimps on the types of food you wil see served on CCL boats. He supplys ordinary food and lets you have as much as you can stand of it.
        He only offered to reimburse the Coast Guard after he was called out as a skinflint by a US Senator.

        He operates a company that is not even based in America.
        He operates ships that are not even registered in America.

      • Rockefeller is just an idiot hard left anti capitalist senator but he will not let go until he extorts a settlement from CCL. Of course there will be many lawsuits and consequent bad press for the next year or so. Based on that I think the current pop is temporary and the downtrend will resume.

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