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  • Forced_into_Early_Retirement Forced_into_Early_Retirement Mar 27, 2000 3:24 PM Flag

    Alascan Cruise

    are heavily populated with real real old people.
    Many deaths occur onboard while at sea.
    They just
    zip em up in body bags and store them in the wine
    cooler till next port.

    Also, it is suspect that
    the bad hot fudge [lack of] sundaes on this cruise in
    particular is the major cause of these deaths. Mostly from
    dissappointment in the food being presented.

    Pick another
    cruiseline to be happier.

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    • """"I think if RCL management likes it, I like
      it. The key to the [press] release [regarding RCL's
      new Alaska company] is that it will improve yields.
      This is key for us. I think that RCL recognizes the
      potential of the Alaskan market which it does not at
      present dominate - both CCL and P&O dominate at present.
      RCL is really strong in the Caribbean and it has
      strong tour revenues from this market and hence they
      must realize that there is potential in the Alaskan
      market. NOTE: I think RCL is doing this because while
      they have 4 ships in Alaska now, chances are they will
      have 5 or 6 by 2002 and chances are one will be an
      EAGLE class ship - YES AN EAGLE SHIP. Thus major pax in
      Alaska means we need major tours. And if you have the
      coolest ship in Alaska - you must have the coolest tours
      as well. RCL will dominate as it has new ideas and
      its tours will sound more exciting - just like its
      ships presently do. Also, older folks like Alaska and
      hence, this baby booming market will keep the demand for
      Alaska strong and hence more Celebrity ships will be
      deployed in Alaska. The demand is there and RCL knows it.
      I think we will see the effect of this new CO.
      (Royal Celebrity Tours) on EPS of at least a few cents
      by end of 2001 and at least twice that by 2002. I
      cant guess numbers here because that would not be fair
      to you or others reading this post as I really have
      no idea what the effect on earnings is, but in my
      opinion, earnings arent the key here, the key here is that
      RCL is growing and wants to lead in each market it
      enters... I think this just adds fuel to the competition
      between HAL and Celebrity and RCI and Carnival. I dont
      think CCL fears anyone but RCL. P & O cant get its
      Grand class ships out fast enough and NCL/Star is even
      farther behind. Only RCL has the "vision" and the
      management and the innovation and a "newbuilding" team to
      lead this industry. But note while RCL may lead this
      industry in innovation and growth, CCL clearly leads in
      financial strength and pax carried... But who knows how
      long that will last with 5 EAGLE ships added to the
      RCL fleet by 2003. This is the equivalent of 10
      Vision class ships in both earnings and revenues..."""

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