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  • flamfurter flamfurter Dec 20, 2001 6:43 PM Flag

    AH up to $2.52 0n Schwab. Is this....

    Weren't you the oin e who went to comdex and was so excited about the company. Why are you so negative now?

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    • For whatever it's worth, I don't even believe he went to Comdex - we went on and on and on for weeks ahead of the show about all the questions he was going to ask everyone, and then on the day of the show we had to literally pry information out of him - he posted about everything but the show. After more than half a dozen inquiries, he finally posted some vague and nebulous bullsh*t regarding the show, none of which would have even required that he was there. I really don't care either way, but his act has gotten tiresome. He hasn't been around long enough to have earned the right to his "too many disappointments" crap, and truth is he's as transparent as glass to most of us. His constant cries to call Xybr and "demand" news are about as dumb as anything ever posted here. If he's not short, he's most certainly earned the dubious honor of being the whiniest long the board has EVER seen (and with the likes of SVG and a few others, that's sayin' somethin'). Why someone so consistently dissatisfied with a company's management would hold onto said company's stock is beyond me. Anyone else care to speculate?

      Just my two cents. Which is about all it's worth : )