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  • OFF2C2000 OFF2C2000 Mar 22, 2000 11:55 AM Flag

    XYBR is a long term is why..

    I think this could sink to as low as 15 with no
    new news to pump it up. Under 20 is still good to get
    into. I think it should drop in the next week. The day
    traders feed on this one pretty good. its a pump and
    dump. This may be a stock in which 2 years from now you
    will say, "Damn..I wish I bought that 2 years

    When you look at pictures on the XYBR website
    of people wearing bulky headsets it may look strange
    to see people in public wearing a computer, but who
    would have thought that 10 years ago people now would
    have portable cell phones and beepers as fashion
    accessories. Just think of the day when Eddie Bauer comes out
    with a fashionable flap jacket with built in computer
    for the outdoorsman sold at Sharper Image. Think of
    the military applications on a battle field. Think of
    the millions of people who have jobs as field
    inspectors who could use this. Think of the McDonalds drive
    through window that would be replaced by a pimply high
    school boy greeting you with a Xybernaut and
    transmitting your order inside.

    These will get
    smaller, be voice activated, come in fashionable
    colors...and some day be connected to your brain.

    XYBR is the future evolution of personal computing and
    every big boy from Dell to IBM to Sony to Nokia will
    want a piece of it.

    Great stock for the long

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    • Reread my post re technology adoption cycle. It
      explains where we are in clear terms, far less
      superficially than saying we have "no major contracts." 4MM was
      a 400% increase in sales & didn't count the one
      major contract we already know about to the Saudies.
      Reread the post and then let's talk if you want to talk

    • That was the point of my post. You judge XYBR
      specifically & wearables generally by today's standards - too
      expensive & too bulky, just as execs of yesterday dismissed
      the PC by that day's standards - too expensive & too
      bulky, ignoring that they will be less and less
      expensive and less and less bulky with time.

      MVIS ramifications alone are staggering. Imagine what
      XYBR could do with that partnership and then stop with
      your fixation on today's limits.

      To say that
      XYBR's commercial market's are limited is silly. None of
      on this board can possibly imagine the permutations
      of possible uses in various fields. I hadn't even
      considered medical, before today, for example.

      successive niche will fall more readily as XYBR can point to
      its prior successes.

      Mass penetration is for
      another version of the MA, of course, but it could


    • Exactly. I'm reminded of the scene in the
      Pirate's of Silicon Valley when Woz takes his stupid
      looking box with wires into his bosses office and offers
      him the technology. The boss takes one look at the
      thing and can only smirk as he gives away the

      It is entirely too easy to chortle at the notion of
      wearing a MA in public, just as it was too easy to pass
      on the beginning of Apple Computer.

      The MVIS
      connection is an excellent reason to think of the future of
      XYBR not by today's standards but by standards five
      years hence. Retinal scanning! The very idea is
      amazing. Imagine where this can go and what it could be.
      *Then* understand that we've only begun.

      are popular because they are yesterday's limits on
      what could be put into a hand held device in stable
      fashion. Given a choice, why not have more computing

      If I didn't own any shares, I'd probably establish a
      small position today & wait for it to drop below $20 to
      add more. There could always be another 2:00 p.m.
      Friday Bloomberg attack, so you might get it as low as
      $14 sometime in the future, but I doubt

      Good luck to all.


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      • The part I loved best about today's announcement
        with MVIS was the following:

        "This relationship
        will set the stage for establishing technical
        specifications for a new interface for wearable computing
        displays. Xybernaut's standards will be shared with other
        display manufacturers."

        Three are many companies
        desiring to play a role in mobile wireless computing -
        IBM, MVIS, XYBR, TELT, VOXW, an almost infinite

        These companies have a strong interest in avoiding
        convergence around the Palm Pilot or cell phones. Hence, you
        will see these companies forming a new value chain
        around wearables for all companies other than 3Com/Palm
        & Nokia, et al.

        I'm in the middle of
        reading "The Gorilla Game" an *excellent* book, btw & the
        following question occurs to me:

        Which company is
        odds on favorite to be the gorilla in this new value
        chain? I think you have to put IBM at the head, with
        XYBR a close second by virtue of its patents or by
        adoption of its standards. Companies like Charmed
        Technologies & MVIS have an interest in avoiding IBM, so maybe
        XYBR is even the leading candidate.

        reread that sentence again:

        "This relationship
        will set the stage for establishing technical
        specifications for a new interface for wearable computing
        displays. Xybernaut's standards will be shared with other
        display manufacturers."

        This is XYBR's declaration
        that it intends to be the standard bearer. The Gorilla
        Game calles this "proprietary architecture with high
        switching costs." This is the formula which created
        gorillas such as MSFT & INTC.

        Highly risky? Of
        course. High potential? You betcha!


        Anyone who continues to spew out that XYBR is not a
        legitimate company after the last few days is deluding
        themselves. Imagine where this stock would be today without
        the Bloomberg attacks.

    • from now...

      C'mon. Did you see the COOL
      technology that are put to work on CNBC last night? They are
      used all over the place.. out in the field, in the
      warehouse, the workplace. It can share information
      remotely... The main key is WIRELESS.

      The technology
      is now and it doesn't reflect on the stock

      Hang in there.


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      • According to the little kid in Jerry McGuire the
        human head weighs 8 pounds, so the head set is roughly
        an incread of 12% on the neck

        Keyboard hurt wrists, now we will have Neck injuries due
        to wearable PCs.

        Wireless is old technology,
        talk to the guys with bar code scanners in the
        supermarket or the warehouse.

        My local Safeway uses a
        wireless inventory system, it is not worn on the body, its
        held in the hand.