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  • whatsthematter_2000 whatsthematter_2000 Jul 14, 2000 12:32 PM Flag


    piling on.

    For this I must punish you!


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    • I feel what you are saying. i bought in when it
      was in the 20s but then I bought in again at this
      level. I continue to buy at this level so my avg price
      continues to fall. This stock will take off or will be
      bought, I'll take either one. You should definetly be
      buying now if you got in at 20. Your real question is
      how long you want to stay in. There is not all that
      much risk to me because the company is solid. The
      question in when Wall St. will see that. They are not
      going to put their $ here when stocks like yhoo and
      qcom are up and down like yoyos. They will however not
      be afraid to dump a significant amt if an ounce of
      speculation creeps out regarding a big contract or a buyout.

    • Your post started with Xybr=Dead Money on the
      subject line. Not a good way to get an objective
      response. Just friendly advice, take it or leave it. I
      responded by using the YTD return on Xybr as evidence that
      it hasn't been dead money. How could I have known
      when YOU entered your position?

      You've asked a
      question that has no logical answer (I'm not trying to be
      adverserial now, just candid). Who really knows why the
      volume fluctuates to the degree it does on ANY issue?
      The good news is declining volume and price stability
      is a bullish indicator. Again, without meaning to
      sound sarcastic, since we don't know what any stock
      will do in the next few months (or we'd all be
      billionaires by the fall), to say it's better put somewhere
      else is speculative at best. As I said to another
      poster today, if you feel you can make money on another
      stock and don't mind being out of Xybr, it's an
      excellent plan.

      And if you would just make the
      effort to sound less adversarial yourself, I'm sure
      we'll get along fine. You came after me completely
      unprovoked. Not a good idea. I bite back :^)

    • Your right, I did ask the question looking for a
      response that may give insight to the low volume and low
      interest in the stock (read my post). All you gave for an
      answer is the stock has risen 80+% since Jan 1. That's
      great for people who owned it during that time, but,
      where is it going from here. That's the real

      I'm long XYBR, so obviously I think its going further
      up, but would my money be better put somewhere else
      while I wait for action to pick-up? I don'

      I really don't give a shit if you like me or not,
      this isn't a popularity contest, its a contest to make
      money, and that's what were here for.


    • whatsthematter2000givesgoodhead whatsthematter2000givesgoodhead Jul 14, 2000 12:47 PM Flag

      waiting for you to perform your daily duties. lick my long position.