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  • chingachgook_1999 chingachgook_1999 Dec 14, 1999 11:47 PM Flag

    Thank, Congo

    Thank you for your reply, will look in on you at
    a later date. I had SVRN years ago can't remember
    the outcome though. Bought KM today looking for a
    holiday play and for a good announcement in the morning.

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    • According to the WSJ online edition, there were
      only 358,000 shares short on December 15, a drop from
      427,000 in November. This is not a large number
      considering that the average daily volume is now close to

      Or, maybe your message was meant more as a warning to
      any shorts on this board as opposed to suggesting
      that the short position could have a material

      If you happen to have hard facts, please share with


      P.S. Here's the link to the interactive Wall Street
      Journal, but you'll need to subscribe if you don't
      already. It's $29 if you also subscribe to the print

    • today. Shorts can post all the negative crap they can come up with. But the bottomline is the bottomline. Stock is way oversold and shorts will have to cover.

    • I felt all of you needed an explanation for what
      has happened recently.

      Well, as we all know
      from my prior statements, weather plays a huge role in
      the success of printing companies. During this past
      quarter, many parts of the nation experienced the warmest
      Fall months in their history. In their history!!

      I don't think that you can expect me to anticipate
      that and react quickly. The added heat lead to much
      more perspiration than usual, which lead to more
      droplets on the paper, which lead to more web breaks.
      Also, my staff had to take more water breaks, robbing
      us of valuable production time. And you know what
      water breaks mean - more bathroom breaks, where we lost
      even more production time. It is a vicious cycle, and
      I am sure you can understand that none of this was
      within our control.

      In the future, however, we
      will be prepared. I have signed a memo going to all
      staff announcing that they cannot drink in excess of
      four ounces of fluids while on the clock. Also, they
      are restricted to one bathroom visit per week.
      Finally, they are no longer allowed to

      With these adjustments, I believe our next quarter's
      performance will bring us back to the growth path that all of
      you have come to expect.

    • After Joe tried to use Hurricane Floyd I was
      surprised he didn't try to use the World Trade Organization
      fiasco up in Seattle for the poor quarter. Everbody
      knows that it paralyzed commerce on the whole West
      People, we are being lied to time after time. Frankly, I
      don't understand how some can still support CGX
      Management. I certainly don't trust anything they say. They
      need to be removed now and replaced with a managers
      who know what they are doing. Only when this is done
      will shareholders regain their confidence.

    • for once, Congo and I agree!

      Not only do
      they play the same stocks, but they both flunked out
      of the same grade school!

      Now, Congo, are you
      as convinced now that this company is well managed
      as you were two months ago? (Serious question)

    • Do a search on both Stevve's name..and then

      Seems they both have the uncanny ability to play the
      same exact stocks.

      I'd say we have a multiple
      personality disorder here...with Stevve losing his shirt on
      and Unionbuster making a fortune!

      I guess the
      net result of his play is break even


    • idiot.I shorted this stock at 21 and covered today at 13 5/8 and Im going to have the best christmas ever.Im sure the locale soup kithen will set you up.And remeber BILL CLINTON FELLS YOUR PAIN.

    • gets home to tell her I lost the house today.I'll
      get a margin call tommorow that I can't cover.There's
      nothing left to try to average down.ITS GOING TO BE A
      SHITTY CHRISTMAS IN IOWA.Why would they announce this

    • More like 9-10 dollars a share.

    • I would "guess" my reply to gdkaccess was right

      Last night he posted..
      stock can't go
      much lower without breaking every understanding I have
      of stocks"

      To which I replied he really
      should be looking at a safer price level.

      As for
      making price predictions last night for today..
      outlined last night on my board I wouldnt do that..
      did outline my buying

      At which point I called a buy at 13 1/2 at the
      And a sell at 14 5/8-7/8.



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