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  • investorgroup investorgroup Dec 16, 1999 6:12 PM Flag

    Thank, Congo

    Shareholder Rights Plans are one of the most
    common things around. They are there because management
    is in the best position to evaluate an offer (i.e.
    management knows of inside information that the outside
    investor doesn't, etc.). It does not take away
    management's fiduciary obligations to look at bonified

    Typically, a plan like this will result in a higher price
    being paid for a company in a take-over situation,
    because it allows management to bring the suitor to the
    table to negotiate (and base the negotiations on the
    inside information).

    IMHO, This should not be
    viewed negatively, and is a positive in most situations.
    It just means that someone cannot manipulate the
    stock and swoop in and purchase the company at a less
    than optimum price.