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  • dee_ocotillo_man dee_ocotillo_man Apr 26, 2005 7:34 PM Flag

    Does NY Times Tom Friedman own AMZN?

    (I'm just having some fun here, connecting the dots. I don't know what happens to AMZN stock tomorrow, or even if Tom owns any of their stock).

    Published on April 15th, New York Times columist Tom Friedman wrote...

    "We have an administration that won't lift a finger to prevent the expensing of stock options, which is going to inhibit the ability of U.S. high-tech firms to attract talent - at a time when China encourages its start-ups to grant stock options to young innovators".

    Today, Amazon earnings came out, and they stated that.....

    >>>>>Operating income was $108 million, down 2 percent from $110 million in the first quarter of 2004. Excluding a $14 million charge because of new accounting rules on stock options,'s operating income would have been $122 million, or 10 percent higher than the same period last year.<<<<

    IMO...stock options are an expense. If GM can face expenses of $5.2 billion on health care for it's workers and their families in 2004, then Amazon can expense the paltry $14 million in stock options (that probably went to those in the company least deserving anyway).

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    • Tom Friedman is a corrupt man...He has lied consistently about Iraq...He will lie about anything to help himself and his pals...He is a fascist in every sense....His writing is damaging as the ignorant believe him.

      New York Times has become a worthless newspaper and that is a real shame....The paper is filled with intellectually dishonest people like Freidman.

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